Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Keri the beautiful and fantastically talented Yara Shahidi… o_O  OHGAAAAAAA!  It’s YARA SHAHIDI!!   We spotlighted Ms. Shahidi not so long ago as an Hairspiration feature.  It is no secret we love Yara (babygirl is the slam on so many levels) and I’ve been crushin’ on that hair, in particular her twist styles, for like EVER!!  EEEK!  Let me calm down… First, let’s learn a little bit more about Yara and her interests (from the official Yara Shahidi website):

She began her career at six weeks old, working along side her mother in commercials and print ads. Yara can be seen in such campaigns as McDonalds, Ralph Lauren, Target, Gap Kids, Disney, Guess Kids, Children’s Place and Disney, just to name a few. She frequently has had the opportunity to work with her mother and younger brother in various print and broadcast campaigns. They can currently be seen in the Tropicana “Squeeze” commercial and print campaigns together.

In her free time, Yara loves learning to cook with her Baba (father), baking with her mommy, learning to speak Farsi, traveling with her family, and conducting science experiments (she wants to build a laboratory in her garage one day). Her favorite subject in school is history–she likes to start everyday learning something new. She currently resides in Los Angeles with mother, father, her two younger brothers and her fish, Cleophus. 
Yara was born and raised for the first four years of her life in Minneapolis, before her family made the move to California for her father’s line of work. When she thinks back to what she misses most about Minnesota she will tell you, “the beautiful lakes, Joon Joon, Grampie and Snow”!

Well, I am excited to say we had the opportunity to “chat down” with Mommy Keri (who is sweet as pie by the way) and get the goods on that ever so delightful like croif.

[BBH: ^^^My all time fav full twist pic EVER!!! What in’da wurl?!? OWEEE I WISH!!!] 
BBH: What is your hair washing routine? 
We strive for protective hairstyles during the week, so lots of sleek pony tails, twists and buns! She is 11 now, so SHE co-washes her hair w/ Kinky-Curly conditioner or Wen (pink label). [BBH: ?! *clicks on over to see what WEN is* ahhhhhh…]  She sections her hair and gently finger combs her way thru the tangles.  At times she uses our handy Denman brush “wide spaced for afro textured hair”!  [BBH: HHhhh, the dayz.  I want BBH to stay young forever, but the thought of extra hands in that hair, whew!  Eat ur Wheaties baby!]
BBH: What do you find are the challenges for stylin Yara’s hair and how do you over come them?
The challenges in styling her hair are remembering all the fab styles that we literally trip upon! We will even go to YouTube for “hairspiration” i.e. a mohawk using mini buns and bobby pin in the front….couldn’t have thought that one up if i tried!  [BBH: Yesss!  that’s the one I used w/BBH’s bow!]
BBH: How do you entertain Yara when styling her hair?
I started “BGHT (Black Girl Hair Training) at such a young age with her, that we can talk, listen to audio books, etc. during hair time.  Many times we are standing in the bathroom!  [BBH: BGHT – HA!  Loves it!]
[BBH: Uhp, ^^^ someone’s got jokes]
BBH What are your fave products these days?
Fave products are:  Miss Jessies Curly Butter Creme, Eco styler (green top), Aphogee leave in conditioner (water-like consistency) as a base… [o_O uhm… Apho-who?!? *jots down on pj list*]
BBH:  How does Yara feel about her hair?
Yara has “AFRO PRIDE”.  She loves her hair.  Her texture is closer to mine.  Thick, dry and did I say Thick?  [BBH:  turn to your neighbor and say “its theeeck up in there!“]. When she has worn it straight (2 weeks so far in her 11.5 yrs) she is tickled at the reaction from others. She had it straight for 24 hrs last week for an audition and at the end of the day she said, “Mommy some of my school mates said, wow your hair is so pretty.  I said, I think my hair is really pretty when it’s curly”.  I loved her response! [BBH:  OWWW! *queue choir and shoutin’ music* BIG HAIR ! (runs lap around computer) BIG HAIR! (somebody help meh) BIG HAIR!]
BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles.
Don’t be afraid to spritz it a touch before bed/in morn….  The cut off leg from tights work fab as headbands! Soft, with elasticity and give. Take your time when manipulating hair. Even though it feels sturdy….section it, deep condition it and fall in love with twists!!  To get two strand twists that shine, squeeze the excess water out, saturate each section with Aphogee leave in conditioner (purple bottle) and use your moisturizing twist gel of choice. [BBH:  Awhh you talkin’ now] Make sure each section slides thru your fingers [BBH: Yesth…]. Be liberal with the product [BBH:  Uhuh..].  Twist the front last [BBH: Oh yesth…], so you can decide where to place the part [BBH: That’s right, u-let Him use you].  Wrap in a nice tight bun and tie down with a head scarf and cover.  The slow drying overnight produces the shine.  [BBH:  Shiii-iii-ine, Oh Shiii-iii-inne!!!]
I am proud that my family represents natural hair in the entertainment industry!  In fact, I feel naked without my fro!  Lately I have been doing a wash and go styles for my 4b hair by leaving in conditioner, gently squeezing out water and putting a hat on.  My hair dries by the end of the day and looks like a two strand twist…AND looks cute under the hat!! [BBH:  BAM! Well folks, it’s a dag’on WRAP! Will there be one?? Will one come…]  Best!
Oweee!! Thank you Mommy Kerri and Yara for participating.  GAAAAAAAAA!  We so exCITED!  I’ve been in swoon w/Yara’s hair something awful for YEARS ever since ‘Imagine That‘ came on the scene.  I mean,  nothing but ‘high hair hope’ styles from this Mommy, meaning I hope we can do THAT!!  And Yara is just so beautiful, isnt she? What poise and character she exudes on and off screen. She is so elegant. Mommy must be supaproud, I know we are. Be sure to see her next movie project in ‘Butter‘ where she stars with Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Garner and Alicia Silverstone, set to hit theaters in March.  Now ya’ll show Yara some love and visit www.yarashahidi.com, like her FB Page and gets to following her on Twitter. Tell her we sent ya, EEEEEEEEEK!
Now before we go, I’d be remissed if I didn’t share this wonderful video where Mommy Kerri and Yara talk about hair and beauty…
This mommy-daughter bond is something beautiful, isn’t it?  I just LOVE this. It’s so uplifting to hear and see such positive images of color. Mommy Keri and Yara Shahidi…
Go’Head Baby!
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