Baby Big Hair Holiday Past

As we are approaching, well techinally we are “in” the holiday season, I thought I’d post a few pics of our holiday styles of years past. Ya’know, just a short trip down memory lane:) Buckle up!

At just a few weeks she was just a bity baby, but fierce baby she was!! Peep those fabulous boots! Naturally, she was rockin’ a twa, but even then her hair was long enough to coil…

Her official ‘1st Christmas’ hook up.. 2008
Now this may be a tri-puff, but very well could have been a quadro-puff style (can’t remember). Here she is with her BBH cousins at Grandma’s house (*queue music* Hello Grandmom!). Hhhhhh, I heart those babies… Lightweight need to ‘blast’ my own folk, LOL!!! I remember BBH was sick that season. Oh, and believe it our not, I got the velour jumpsuit and matching bows at Gymboree for a whopping $10; just ridiculousness. MMhhmm.  If it were not so, I would have told you. Those bows may make a special appearance over the holdiay weekend why you playin’…

Pre-Holiday 2009
Just throwing this one in for good measure. This was her outfit for a family wedding earlier in the year that I bought thinking it would be great to wear later for the holiday. We went for ‘chunky monkey’ twists, by accident. It was going to be a twist out, but w/little time I opted to keep them in. Plus, I thought they were SUPACTE in a modern ‘Ceely’ kinda way (*hand claps the air* ‘Me and you must never part’…LOL!). So I slapped a ribbon from my bag-o-ribbons and kept it movin’.Holiday 2010
This was a combo of a defined curly fro and twisting.  For some reason, I had less shrinkage that day, EEEK!  I’ve tried to perfect it ever since, trust. You can not see the details but there is a threaded ribbon on the front right that leads into a small Bantu knot.  It was cute, cute, cute  CUTE and my very first time playing with ribbon,  This dress is from the ‘Auntie Vault’. BBH stays SUPAFLY thanks to both sides of the family (such a blessing for us on the real).  Now ‘scuse BBH as she gets those sillies out!!

Whelp, that’s our BBH Holiday past and BIG HAIR evolution in a nutshell! TWA, power puffs, twists and BIG HAIR!!  So happy to share with you and what  a delight to go thru old pics and see how much her hair and personality has grown; that BBH, my heart.  For click below for other blog great holiday styles and more.  Stay tuned this week for more holiday cheer!  Until then…

Go’Head Baby!

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