Now that BBH is a little older (she is still my baby though:), I’m always looking for fun ways to create memories. Plus, this is the second time we have not traveled for the holiday so we’re starting to make traditions of our own. Here are a few that went over really nice that I’d like to do again next year (ain’t nobody perfect so don’t hold me to it, LOL!). Eeeek! Here we go:

BBH Cookie Bake Par-tay!

My BBH loves to cook. The minute she sees activity in the kitchen, its non stop ‘can I help you? can I help you? Mommy, mommy I want help! Pleeeeeease can I help??!?!?’ Pretty much in that order:) So I thought it would be fun to invite her BBH BFF (say that fast 3 times…) and her lil’sis over for a fun holiday cookie bake off, jeah! AND I MEAN IT WAS COMPLETE MAYHEM!! Juuussst-sprinkles everywhere-straight shots of icing to the mouth-cookie dough eating-crazinesss!! But OWWEEEE was it FUN! Def on our list of things to do next year…


A BBH Tree!
And its pink of course. Now this is supacheap and supacute. This was inspired by a “Felt Christmas Tree” post at and I had it on my mind while in Jo-Ann’s. I came across the cutest stickers that were screaming BBH! At home I drew my line and cut a large triangle shape. I fashioned garland out of ribbon and a star from metallic pipe-cleaners (ok so I’m a pipe-cleaner hoarder, I CONFESS!). We stickered away, taped to the wall and BAM, A BBH tree! Perfect for my little princess!! What I really like about this project is I can roll it up and display it again next year if I want to. AND as she grows older, and if we have a wall bare enough for it, we can have a FOREST of trees displayed all winter long. EEEEEEEK!

Totally Awesome! What are some some traditions you share with your BBH?

Go’Head Baby!

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