Mornings Ya’ll!!  Hope the holiday weekend was lovely w/friends and fam!!! It’s holiday hair share time.  What did we do (drum roll..)?  Curlformers!!!  That’s right. After seeing how these lovelies worked on Lil’Boo of Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care I HAD to get my hands on some to review and at last I did (thank you Curlformers!!).  Let’s get to it, shall we?

First, let me preface this entire post by saying I totally goofed on the size (got extra long and wide).  BBH’s hair is long for her age, but  regular long and narrow or wide Curlformers would’ve done  the job just fine. BUT,  BBH wore them like a champ and now we have Curlformers for life as her hair will only get longer!!  Ok.  Review and reveal time:

Extra Wide and Long Curl Formers Kit

Curlformers Claim

Curlformers Styling Kits can be used to create a variety of looks, from prom-perfect curls to the latest red-carpet textured styles. Available for short, medium and long hair and for various sizes of curl, they are suitable for all hair types.

Price: $68.95 for a pack of 40 and 2 hooks (kits range from $48.95-$68.95).  For what it does??  Worth the price, but youch!  Dollar conscious mommies are probably going off about now, but read on…
Durability: Superb. Strong mesh-like material with some serious resilience. I mean they just snap right back!!   Extremely flexible but hold is like steal!!
Handling: Good. Very easy to use, especially after you get the hang of it.  

We started this on damp hair (tip I learned from Tweeny Hair and Untrained Hair Mom).  After watching a few Youtube videos on 3-4 type hair, I decided to use a wrap foam and grabbed some Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Wrap Foam I had left in my cabinet.  I then  added a dab of Queene Helene’s Curl Cream for extra hold.  Good thing BBH was rocking a fab twist out. I already had parts in place.  Next is simple:  

Open the end of the Curlformer

Slide the hook like mechanism thru it just to the opening.  Next a small twist at the base for ease of “hooking” the sectioned hair….

Push/Pull and hold the curlformer down to the scalp while pulling the hook, through the curlformer, VERY gently..

(^^^see the hook in the curformer??)

And your done!  Taking them out is a breeze.  You just pinch the opening at the scalp and gently slide the curlformer off!! 

GLOREH!!!!  DO YOU SEE THESE CURLS!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??    OWEEEE!  OHGAAAAAAAAAAA!!  Yes hon, THAT is the Curlformer experience.  If that doesn’t come for you, you need not read this BLOG!!! I jus’playin…(but for real O_O).  Another close up look…

Unfortunately, I had to took them down while they were just ever so slightly damp for church, so they got a little poofy, but I was still VERY pleased with the results.  Cleary, these do what they say they do.

Big Ups
Curlformers are easy to use and the set came with plenty to cover her entire head.  BBH also slept in them, which I was very nervous about at first.  They were a little awkward, but she was so tired there was little to no fight. I love how sleek her hair looked.   I could also see her ends better with it straightened and can tell we’re due for a good trimming. This product is great way to stretch hair with absolutely NO HEAT; though I wish I would have put them in earlier on Saturday so that they would’ve been completely dry for church Sunday.  The Curlformers website has a ton of information to help you select the right size (that I obviously did not heed to) and tips for application.  There are also a TON of youtube videos you can find on all different hairtypes.  All singing the praises of this product.

Mental note – It’s hard to wrap your head around pulling BIG HAIR thru a small tube.  I kept asking BBH if she was ok, which she was, but it just doesn’t seem right lawd!!  But hey, it works!!   Next, It’s hard to smooth the ends down once inside the curlformer.   I found I had a couple of coily ends, partly due to the Queen Helen curl defining product I choose to use for hold.  All good. They were barely noticeable, but it would be great it I could master those ringlets so they would be smooth from head to tip!  Lastly, ain’t no rockin’ these to the store.  Well, let me say I better not see your BBH up in the store with them on!!  These are curlers and there is nothing to hide that, they are just out there.  So you’re kinda limited to the privacy of your own home for the drying process.  BUT  that’s a small price to pay for some fabrocious ringlets…

In summary, Curlformers are the SLAM hon!  *Queue music* Curlformers alllllll thiiiiiiis fro, is waiting for youuuuu!! I will be using these again and again, TRUST.  My next go ’round, I am eager to try them on freshly washed hair.   Till then,

Go’Head Baby!

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