Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Lyubov and her SUPACUTE daughter, Naomi. Now this little girl of Nigerian, Russian and Chinese decent has mad talent and skills. At the tender age of three, she speaks two languages (Russian and English) and reads on a Kindergarten level. Yup. There is a big brain under all that BIG HAIR! I was fortunate enough to chat down with Mommy to get the scoop on this up and coming model and actress.

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
I wash her hair 2 or 3 times every week

[BBH: I see…]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Noami hair and how do you over come them?

Her hair is really soft, so we can’t pull it to tight which limits the kind of styles we can do, also she has very full hair.
We cover those flaws by leaving her hair in afros over braiding it or putting it in ponytails. [BBH: Wowwy! Her hair does look SUPASOFT! Yup. Can’t go wrong w/BIG HAIR!]

BBH: How do you entertain Noami when styling her hair?
She likes to sing and dance, we try to distract her by putting on the tv or making her draw- she loves watching disney channel especially ‘Shake It Up’. [BBH: Oooooo, does she whip that BIG HAIR back and forth? Supacutie:)]

BBH: What are your fav products these days?
We use Mixed Chicks [BBH: UhHUH..*takes notes*]

Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles?
First wash the hair. The best thing to start off with is clean hair, then look at how celebrity kids style their
hair and do what fits the kids faces and personalities. Before you go to bed, braid your hair if your not going to wash it in the morning, then take the braids out and it turns out curly. [BBH: OWEEE, you ain’t never lied Mommy. We get the best results on freshly washed hair. You better preach up in here! The best part of waking uuuuuup…..is a fabulous BRAID OUT, yes mommy YESSSS!]


Thank you Mommy Lyubov and purdy Naomi for participating. We’ll this one is ‘shaking things up’ for sure. If you can find her in articles and local mags in Florida and she was recently featured on www.blackcelebkids.com as an up and coming model and actress. Show Mommy and Naomi some love on the official Naomi Osibajo web page and ‘like’ the Naomi Osibajo FaceBook page. Tell’em we sent you!!

Go’Head Baby!!

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GAAAAAAA! These kids have hair for DAYZ. We’ve watch the Ming and Aoki grow up to be beautiful young and influential ladies. Love these girls, but most of all I love how they rock out BIG HAIR on the regular!!! Oooweee, those curls are a DREAM!!

And lil’bro Kenzo is nothing BUT supacute. Lil’man man with that BIG HAIR……get in my POCKET!! Cutie:)


One thing I can say about Mommy Kimora, she keeps the kiddos TIGHT with all the flav a Baby Big Hair should have. Mhhhmm. Yup. Fierce, fabulous fro babies. Give it up for Kimora and the kids ya’ll!!

Go ‘Head Baby

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Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Jessica and SUPACUTE Sissy. Trust, Sissy’s got some serious BIG HAIR!!! EEEK! And she’s such a DOLL!! You may have seen Ms. Sissy on our FB wall recently as a FROTO PIC (the rest of ya’ll holding back on me!!). Well, I had the opportunity to “chat” down w/Mommy and get the beezneez on that FANTASTIC fro. Alrighty then, let’s get to it shall we?

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
We rarely use shampoo, usually co-wash with conditioner. If we have a style in we just co-wash between styles, if we are rocking out the curls [BBH: Rock it, don’t stop, rockin’ out da curlz!] than we will rinse and co-wash once to twice a week. In the tub I use a spray nozzle and rinse, rinse, rinse her hair to make sure it is all very wet. I apply conditioner and work through with my hands and rinse. After this I condition again only this time I part in random sections and comb through each section adding more conditioner for slip if necessary, we tend to use a lot of conditioner because Sissy’s hair is so thick and I want the comb to slip through nicely without pull. I gently rinse the conditioner out leaving a little in this time. After getting her out of the tub she sits while I moisturize and depending on how we are going to style either randomly part and braid or twist for the night or carefully part off and braid or twist for the night and either way, style in the morning. [BBH: Well its a wrap folks, did Mommy break it down or WHAT?!?]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Sissy’s hair and how do you over come them?
Probably the thickness of her hair is one of our biggest challenges. [BBH: *waves hand in air* WELLLL…] I cannot put into words how THICK her hair is. [BBH: Come on somebody!] I over come this by taking the time to really divide and comb out in small sections. It actually takes less time because I am able to comb out tangles easier and faster with less snags and pulls. We also seem to spend a small fortune on hair care products since we use a lot for the thickness of her hair. Recently with starting preschool and soccer it’s been a challenge to find time to do styles. Since her hair is so thick it takes awhile to put styles in so we have been wearing loose ponytails more and breaking styles down into quick and easy that can be transitioned into another(ie: large 2 strand twist all over that I put into small 2 strand twist over a few days). [BBH: Now THAT is workin’ with what the good lawd gave ya!]

[BBH: Watch out now!! That twist out right there?? ^^^ The bombdiggity!!]

BBH: How do you entertain Sissy when styling her hair?
Snacks with TV and movies. She’ll also look at books while I style or she does her own doll’s hair. In the tub while I’m working on combing she plays with doll’s hair or we bought bath crayons and finger paints that only come out for hair time, she really loves these. We sing songs together too. [BBH: Just sangin’ in the HOT TUB! Owww!]

BBH: What are your fav products these days?
I have been on a product search for close to a year when I finally figured out the mysterious stains showing up on her and my clothes after they were washed and dried were from the products we were using. [BBH: SNAP!] Just today we tried Darcy’s Botanicals [BBH: o_O] and I am in LOVE! Sissy’s hair was so soft and easy to comb through and we had nice curl definition! I also didn’t have to use a ton of product for all that hair. I for sure think we’ll be sticking with these products! A favorite for us isn’t a product but an accessory. If she’s wearing free hair or a ponypuff a headband from www.vintagerosewraps.com is a must! Not only do I love the way they look but they help keep the fuzzies at her hairline in check. One of us is wearing one almost everyday and it’s not unusual to see us both wearing a headband from them. They have so many to choose from that they coordinate with anything we wear! [BBH: Hhhhmm, I smell a product review…]

BBH: How does Sissy feel about her hair?
We always speak positively about her hair and encourage her input in how she wants it styled so for the most part she likes her hair. She loves getting to express herself with beads or when we add colored yarn to her braids. She gets excited about her hair with new styles and loves to see others with curly hair. She now will point out girls in books, TV shows, movies, etc with curly hair. I am hoping she will grow to love her hair as she continues to get older and grasp how beautiful her hair is. Right now she is 4 and wants to be like her Mama and my hair is stick straight without a hint of curl so she will say, “I wish I had straight hair like you.” but I really think it is just the desire to be like me not so much of not liking her hair. We talk about how hard I use to try with perms and such to make my hair curly and how God makes each of us different and special and He wanted her to have the beautiful curls he gave her. She likes when we talk about God giving her the beautiful hair she has and smiles her gorgeous grin and says, “I’m His princess”, melts my heart. I was thrilled when she has started drawing herself with curly hair. Her biggest complaint is how long it takes sometimes. [BBH: Awhh lil’Sissy!! Ur coming home with me, now get in my POCKET!! And yup, minutes turn into hours dont they? HHhhh BIG HAIR, the labor of love…]

BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles. MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE! [BBH: Somebody turn to your neighbor and say….MOISTURIZE!] I always make sure we take the time and use products that moisturize well, it makes such a big difference. When her hair is free or in a loose ponytail/puffs the biggest thing I have found helpful is each night to comb through, moisturize and place hair in 5-8 braids or twist and put a sleep cap on. [BBH: That’s it, another wrap folks, will one come?!?] In the morning it’s super quick and easy to take them out, refresh hair lightly with a spray or cream and wear free or in a loose puff or puffs. We love 2 stand twist here also and quickest way we do them is random. I use to take the time and part hair into little boxes, now I use random sections of hair and it looks so cute and is much quicker (we love twist outs for another cute style and added water to twist when they start to look a little fuzzy).

BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general or experiences. I must say as a mama with naturally straight hair I didn’t know anything about curly haircare before Sissy came along but I was determined to learn all I could and style her hair myself and teach her not only how to care for her hair but to love her hair. I know how important her hair is and what statements hair can say about someone. I am continually researching products, styles, and everything else to help her as she grows into a young woman. I hope as she grows she loves her hair and we can use hair time for her to share what is happening in her life and to bond over “girl stuff”. My husband laughs because I always said, “I wish we would have a little girl with curly hair.” Little did I know that God would answer that prayer in a BIG way! I am so thankful He did and I love her and her hair and wouldn’t want her any other way! I love my curly haired princess!!!!! [BBH :”’) ]

Thanks Mommy Jessica and Sissy for participating!!! Who hearts this Mommy and BBH? I do, I DO!! Hhhh. I think Mommy is my “haircare” twin. So much of what she does resonates with our routine. Now ain’t Ms. Sissy just the sweetest little thing? Golly, she’s GORG! I just wanna just smoosh those cheeks, mmMMH! YUMMY! And dag nab it those PICTURES?!?! Seriously? Very delightful like… the slam actually. Ya’ll just dont know how hard it was to choose for this Blast, WHEW!! Be sure to check out more amazing pics by Mommy Jessica at www.lovinglifevisions.com and gets to likin’ her her FB pag at www.facebook.com/lovinglifevisions. MMhhmmm. Baby’s got BIG HAIR and Mommy’s got skillz. Beautimus…


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