Didn’t NOBODY tell me ’bout that sweet boy Jaden Smith cutting his beautiful BIG HAIR (sniff, sniff). OHGAAAAAAA! Why? *sniff* WHY?!?! *Shakes fist and pounds the ground* dang, Dang, DAAAAAAANG! Good LAWD! Fro’sho??!?!? Say it ain’t so Bro!! HHHHHhhhhhhhhh. He’s still a little cutiepatootie, but MAN!! There goes another Baby Big Hair:( Let all the BBH’s and BBH parents have a moment of silence as we tip our moisturizing spray bottles *queue music*:

How do I say goodbye…to what we haaaad. All the BIG HAIR that made us laugh outweighed the baaaaaaaaad.

I thought BIG HAIR was for foreverrrrr, but FOREVER gone away………It’s so harrrrd [who’s got me on 3-part?] to say goodbyyye [I don’t hear ya’ll!!] to ur BIG HAIRRRRRRRR [*insert Mariah Carey finger*] OO-o-OO-o-o-o-OO-oooo HHHHhhhhhh *sniff, sniff*

Go’Head…*sniff, sniff* OHGAAAA!

Photos: Twitter, Getty Images and Vanity Fair

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Go ‘Head Baby!

Winner has been selected. Thank you for participating!

WOOT WOOT!! It’s week 5 baby and we’re doin’it BIG Lawd. EEEEEEEEEEEK! It’s Natural Dolls by Bead Braids and Beyond! ‘Anybody that know me’ knows I love me some natural dolls by Beads, Braids and Beyond (BBB). Check our Hairspiration feature on these beautiful dolls. Nik G of BBB styled this purdy purdy below exclusively for Baby Big Hair readers. Now aren’t you just special:) I AM LOVIN’ THIS DOLL!! Oweee, that BIG HAIR? The dress?? Accessories?! RIDONKULOUS!!! Let me stop typing and get to the beezneez…

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To kick off the product launch, Target will run a promotional sale from January 29 until February 11th with a $1 off all CARA B Naturally products. All the more to get out there asap before products fly of the shelves!! Also next week, from January 30 until February 6, BBH will partner with CARA B Naturally for a week long “I Spy” Twitter contest for our readers. Participants can browse shelves, take a pic of CARA B Naturally products, or shelves that are lacking the products (let’em know lawd) and post to Twitter for a chance to win a $25 Target Gift Certificate, EEK! Details coming forthwith. In the meantime, GET UR ‘CAMERS OUT!! And get thee to Target, stock up and snap some pics!! See ya on the 30th, JEAH!!

Go ‘Head Baby!

It’s been almost two years since our first post. Here is our Diva Spotlight feature on Beads, Braids and Beyond that was posted that summer:

Hhhh. THAT’S MY BABY Y’ALL! Boy has it been a ride. Every day we are thankful for the opportunity to work together as a family, and are humbled by each Baby Big Hair subscriber, follower and “like.” At the end of the day, we’re just crazy parents of an awesome baby girl, but somehow Baby Big Hair has become so much more than that. It’s for your BBH and all BBH’s around the globe. Every pic, every Blast feature, every hairspiration celebrates the beauty of our children and you the parent or caretaker, for instilling positive messages and influences by investing your time in them.

A little about us. We are a team of 11 years. Hardworking civilians who have been blessed with the opportunity, an outlet, to combine our creative gifts to share our love for our most precious gift, our daughter, lovingly known as Baby Big Hair. Larry is our resident graphic artist and frotographer, but what you may not know, is…DUDE CAN SPIT!! Oh yes, y’all aint ready!! Me? I am the resident stylist (hair and fashion), frotographer wannabe, got crafts and decor, but occasionally I BEEEEEE IN DA’STUDIO, STUDIO!! I think and breathe music lawd, if you haven’t noticed. I am also the resident dancer, and am known to embarrass the fam a time or twoJ. Shooooo.. e’ry now and then you gotta let ’em know how its done!! Yeah, L’s def more introverted (but he’s crazy, don’t sleep) and I am clearly and unequivocally, the extrovert. Our daughter, poor thang, (smh…), has inherited both our sillies and talents. She is jokes for DAYZ and is destined to be quite the entertainer. Did I mention she’s smart as a whip and beautiful inside and out?!? HHHhhhh. My baby. I’m telling you…..

BBH BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter for Kids Natural T-Shirts

We are so grateful for all the support and encouraging words given to us on our BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter Campaign from our fans, family and friends since we announced it a few weeks ago. We are just under 20 days away from the end of our Kickstarter project (ends – February 10). Currently we are 10% backed, and need more backers to make our goal a reality. We are asking all of you to help us represent BIG HAIR in the market by pledging to our BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter and/or sharing the link with your family and friends.etc. Pledge contributions will allow us to:

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Go Head Baby!


Whew!!! Y’all doing alright??!?! Y’all still with me on this here BBH New Year Giveaway Bash lawd? Well its week 4 and we have yet more goodies in store! Mmhhhmm. If you were with us on Friday for BBH blast XXIV featuring Erin Go Paint and her beautiful daughter “A”, then you already know who we ’bout to break it off in this piece, EEK! One lucky winner will have his/her choice of a 5X7 Erin Go Paint print. That’s right, YOUR CHOICE! Now you do you baby, but I AWHLWAYS have ‘one eye’ on that supacutie Fairytail/Princess Series. Good lawd it’s just so fabulous!!! Check a few…

This weeks giveaway is a two parter (Yey! Twice the fun:), and the second winner will receive one Denman Tangle Tamer brush. “Anybody that know me” knows I love my Denman brush. It is a must in our lives for effective detangling and even distribution of products (see our detangling post here). Now the Tangle Tamer Denman brush is made especially for children. It has received rave reviews from Kandy Land Kurls and Hair of Heart . This brush worked amazing on both hair types!!

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Go Head Baby!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Go’Head Baby!, Be Curly!

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Erin Rogers Pickering, the great artist behind Erin Go Paint and gorgeous little princess “A”. Well no wonder Erin go paints!! What a dollbaby?!?! Owee this baby got some BIG HAIR and she is the shining inspiration behind Mommy Erin’s beautiful artwork. Have you seen her Princess Series?!?! Mmhhmm. I had the opportunity to “chat down” with Mommy Erin to get the scoop on her precious muse and that BIG HAIR behind it all. Lets get to it, shall we??

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
Our hair washing routine is 1x per week. Usually on the weekend when we have the extra time. After taking out her style, and combing out I will condition it first, then wash and condition again. 1x per month we do a hot oil treatment using olive oil. [BBH: For the life of me, no clue why I havent tried that yet!! HHmmmmm]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling A’s hair and how do you over come them? Ah, the challenges of styling her hair, not sure I have enough room to answer that one! 🙂 First, I had a lot to learn about her hair – and how to work with it [BBH: Yesth]. She has 4a/b hair and it used to be very dry, and it’s about as opposite to my hair as you can get. But, I have continued to stick with it, and rely on simple styles so I can keep improving with practice – and keep us both from getting frustrated. Reading, trying, testing and experimenting have brought me a long way [BBH: *choir sings* From-a-Mighty Long Waa-aay! Thank ya lawd!!]. A also used to HATE having water on her head so washing was really a project, swimming lessons this summer helped that. Now, fast approaching 6, she knows what she likes and doesn’t like so we work together on deciding what to do. Its definitely a team effort now. [BBH: What’s gonna work? TEEEEAAAM WORK!]

BBH: How do you entertain A when styling her hair?
Not only does A have challenging hair for me to work with [BBH: 1], but she also has a difficult time sitting still [BBH: 2]. And is tender-headed [BBH: 3, aaaaand you’re OUT!!..Jus’playin, I jus’playin:)]. So, I do all I can to keep her entertained, and to keep the stress level low… She gets to watch the movie of her choice, with a variety of healthy snacks at the ready, and we change positions/seats a few times during the styling process. Sometimes getting a jumping jacks break half way through – for both of us. [BBH: Coming to a store near you, the ‘BBH – Work Out While You Work Out That BIG HAIR – Work Out’, LOL!! Shooo, while you playin…O_o]

[“A”: Soooo glad my mommy’s done with myyyyy haaaairrrrrr, ohmmmm, LOL! Supacute:)]

BBH: What are your fave products these days?
Some of my favorite products these days are the Curls Coconut Conditioner (works great and smells amazing), Curls Moisturizer (for in between styling spray), for styling/braiding I love the Namaste Labs Olive oil Replenishing Conditioner. [BBH: Sounds delightful like…]

BBH: How does A feel about their hair?
I think that A would sometimes like to have long straight hair, like some friends she has, but overall I would say she is really likes her hair – and the versatility of it… braids, twists, afro puff. And loves adding bows, flowers or headbands of her choosing! [BBH: YES!! Because it is just that, beautiful and versatile. You got this Mommy, YOU GOT THIS!!]

BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles. I LOVE her hair combed out and BIG [BBH: YES!], but it tangles terribly [BBH 🙁 ]. So our favorite easy style is a simple braiding, and I also love love her in twists. Twists down, clipped back with a barrette or flower, or in an up-do! A prefers stationary braids with nothing swinging around. [BBH: Keeping it simple, loves it!]

BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general or experiences.
Working with A’s hair is not my strong suit but I so very much want her to love what she has and who she is, so I am determined to keep learning and have it be a positive process that we do together. Since I can’t create with her hair what I would hope for – I started to draw her inspired by favorite photos [BBH: Y’all see that above post pic? Mommy’s got paint!!]. Creating her as her favorite princesses to show her that princesses and heroines need not have long flowing, yellow hair or pink skin. That she is fabulously gorgeous as she is – and with fantastic hair! (And – so that the big “D” wouldn’t be her sole source of how a princess can look.) She loves the whole collection – and is more than happy to pose for me – and give me great ideas of who I should be creating next. [BBH: OO-OO, We love it too!!]

^^^Ssstop!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! Thank you Mommy Erin and A for participating. Isn’t Mommy Erin just amazing with a brush?!?! And I love the legacy she is leaving that baby!! What better way to communicate the confidence and beauty she sees in her. Not hard to do with that cutie patootie, looking all precious and jazzy in these pics… GIMME DAT BABY!! I also love how Mommy is pacing herself, so she and little A are not stressed. Now that’s keeping it cool. OK BBH readers, you must check out the Erin Go Paint Etsy Store and Erin Go Paint FB Page. Tell her we sent you!! Hhhhhh…Well, I might as well spill the beans and tell you that in next week’s BBH New Year Bash Giveaway (Week 4 Spoiler here), Mommy Erin will be giving one lucky winner his/her choice of one 5X7 print. EEEK!!! BBH Go Crazah!!! Many thanks to Mommy Erin for sponsoring.

Go’Head Baby!!