EEEK! After recently seeing beautiful “Mini” styles from Mainly Braids, Gurly and Curly and Tweeny Hair, I decided to take advantage of the long weekend to do mini twists on BBH. These are the smallest twists I’ve done yet and WHEW!! These they came for me lawd. I mean my watch broke, had a case of “Twist Wrist”, ALL DAT! But, it was all well worth it. First, I have to give it up to my baby who was a CHAMP (Mommy loves you!!). Let’s get to this style shall we?

1st we pre-pooed with a mixture of Beautiful Curls (BC) Deep Conditioning Treatment, Shea Butter & Coconut Hydrating Curl Oil and Hollywood Beauty’s Tea Tree Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a slight dab of Kinky Curly‘s Knot Today. Yup, I was shooting for some serious moisture no doubt. I separated her hair into large sections, finger detangled, applied and braided each section, then it was nighty night time. The next day, I realized I was running REALLY low on my Kinky Curly Come Clean Shampoo, so opted to use our CARA B Naturally Shampoo and Body Wash (which has become our bodywash staple). I used Kinky Curly’s Knot Today as my Leave’In Conditioner.

In a dividing tray with separate 3 sections I put the BC Hydrating Curl Oil mix w/a dab of Tea Tree Oil (Charlotte of Charlotte’s Avenue sings the praises of Tea Tree Oil), Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Creme and Kinky Curly’s Tiny Twirls Styler. I apply the product in that order to her wet conditioned hair. 1) a dab of oil on the ends working up towards the roots and 2) apply the Curling Creme and work through with a modified Denmen brush. I love my brush!! This is my favorite part, cuz I get to see BBH’s curl pattern. Lovely right?!?

And lastly, my final step, a dab of Kinky Curly’s Tiny Twirls Styler on my fingers that I run thru from root to ends. Then we gets to tweeeestin’, LOL!! Now let me back up and say I dont always use tea tree oil and Tiny Twirls Styler for twist, but i wanted EXTRA moisture and hold since i want these to last at least a month. All parts Now I love me some BIG HAIR, but I also love twists. Why? Its a fail safe protective style (when you dont use bands) and they are quicker to put in and take down than braids. In addition, I trim BBH’s ends (at an angle) when her hair are in twists. This minimizes blunt cutting tremendously and you can go little by little. Its easy to tell when the ends are DONE, they simply don’t yield to the twist (or braid). Like this…

That would need a good trim:( Hhhhhh. Anywho, stay with me, starting from the back I twisted half of her hair on day one. Day two, I continued twist towards the front. I had an idea of how I wanted to do the front using inspiration from Aisha of Braid With Me’s Back to School style last Fall. So at a good stopping point I sectioned off the front to style..

20120104-074305.jpgI flat twisted each side down to just past her temples and loosely banded to secure them (emphasis on loosly). Finished up the rest the rest of the our mini twist and, viola! OWEE, check it! Her hair is 95% dry in these photos..




Go ‘Head Baby!!

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34 replies on “Mini-Twists!!

  • Mrs. Ebonee

    If only my daughter’s mini twists would stay like this! After about 2 wks the twists seperate and look like sister locs…*sigh* and lets not even talk about her roots….can you say LOCS!! Her roots start to join together and the tears begin because her hair is dreading….I will stick with mini braids

  • chloe

    Thanks Precious!!! Don’t sleep, you had some mean ones too last year. I remember your post about washing them. Took notes and we shall see lawd:)

  • chloe

    EEK! I so excited about the flat twists!! I really wanted to try flat rope twists, but I was so dag’on exhausted, didnt even feel like attempting. But will try it when I refresh it.. Thanks lady!!

  • chloe

    Oh snap!! Really? I’ll have to pay close attention to that. BBH’s hair doesn’t lock, but I’ve never done twists this small, so it wouldnt hurt to check on them once a week at least to make sure. I love mini braids. You get more length with them too. I just cannot though. Takes forever to put in take out. Bless yo fingaz!! That truly is a labor of love!!

  • Daphne

    Her twist came out gorgeous. I haven’t done mini twist on Lil Naturelle’s hair in so long, this post has given me renewed incentive. Thanks!

  • Nicketa

    This article IS heaven sent! I have had natural hair all my life and have been praying for an avenue to mix it up! I’ve never really cared for straightened hair or dreads, I looove the feel of my natural hair and I like to loose it out and re-style but the inspiration for new styles is what I was looking for! My only problem, that is A LOT of products! I have dandruff or dry scalp, one of them, and my skin itself is very sensitive so I have to watch the products I put in even my hair as well. No doubt I find it hard to keep the do moisturised but, but, but, I love the look!

  • Mellie

    We must be on the same page because I had been itching to make some minitwists and took advantage of the winter vacation to do so also 🙂 I thought mine came out a little bigger than “mini”, but I think they’re about the same size so I should stop second-guessing myself. I used the BC Cream too (love!) with oyin whipped pudding and pomade to moisturize and seal. I like the combo you used and her twists look wonderful, I might have to try that next time–spring vacation?

  • mommydearest3

    I just did mini twists in my 2 year old daughters hair and I was wondering what do you do to keep them neat and moisturized?

  • chloe

    Mellie, I honestly refer to these as not-so-mini-mini twists, LOL! Especially after seeing them so tiny on others. but yeah, these are mini. Heck, as long as they took me to put them in, they are minis, OK?!?!? LOL!!

  • chloe

    Hi Nicketa! Yes, it is layer upon layer. I normally just do the leave’in oil and BC curling creme. I addd the other products to ensure moisture and hold for as long as possible. sensitive scalp aint no joke!!! I;m sure you can achieve a similar look with just water, choice oil and maybe some all natural aloe vera gel… Best of luck and I want to see pics!!

  • mommydearest3

    Thanks I was always wondering if you can post about oil mixtures and how much of each is needed!!! That would be so appreciated!!!!! One NEW thing I tried for the first time was water, Kinky Curly Knot Today, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This was my first time using the Olive Oil, because I was scared since its cooking oil o_O you can tell I’m new to natural hair care!!!!! lol I’m still learning and I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to learn years down the line!!!!!!

  • chloe

    Hi Mommydearest. That is a thought for a post in the future!! Generally speaking, I do not apply a lot of oil to her hair and when I do it is on damp hair. to give yo a quick idea on how much I literally dip my finger into the oil per small section as needed. I do not oil her scalp much either…

  • chloe

    Thanks Claudia! Its a actually a dress with a little tutu skirt. A Target find:) Though I got it on clearance at the end of the summer last year, so you may not get lucky in finding one… Thanks for reading!

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