Owee!  Excited indeed!!  You prolly peeped our upcoming giveaway spoiler  yesterday and saw those purdy purdy sidewinder holders. Now I’ve  seen these used by many of our favorite bloggers and have always been interested about them. If you notice, I really don’t put a lot of anything in BBH’s hair. I think it’s because I don’t like to commit to colors for fear they won’t “match” her outfit on any one given day (*queue music* These are my Confessions…). So what intrigued me about Sidewinders is how easy they are to put in and remove, and well, they’re just different. Let’s hop to it, shall we?


Sidewinder Holders Claim (in part):


Instead of the traditional time-consuming method of placing multiple beads on one braid and having to use a hair beading tool, with a Sidewinder Hairholder all you need is just ONE holder for each braid, which of course eliminates a ton of time spent loading beads onto a beader and then putting the beads on each individual braid on girls braided hairstyles.

Price: $$4.99 per set of One 3″, Two 2″,  and Two 1″ holders; $10.00 for Ten 2″ holders; $10.00 for Twenty 1″ holders, and $35.00 for combo set of Thirty 2″ holders & Eighteen 1″ holders. Nice range to work with mommies. In addition, the company is currently running freebie packages.

Durability: Very durable. I was confident enough to let BBH see one while I was styling her hair.  These aren’t cheap plastic lawd. There is just a tad of “give” due to the spiral shape, though you don’t need to bend them at all.

Handling: Smarvelous. Very easy to use. You just hook, twist and go!

First I was ESTATIC to see the beautiful colors that were sent to me to review (see above post pic):  teal, raspberry, bubble gum, cream, and orange. EEK! Reminds me of ice-cream sprinkles:):):)  I watched the following demo video on the website:

Now the holders are pretty self-explanatory as-is, but because I tend to make simple things a bit difficult, I was very appreciative of the video. I couldn’t wait to try them, but BBH was rockin’ our quasi-twist out-BIG HAIR-power puffs. Hhhhh. What to do? I two strand twisted a couple of pieces of  hair in each pony, hook and twisted in the sidewinders (BBH only wanted PINK!!), then did  the same to her “bang”. BAM! There you have it… Sidewinders BIG HAIR style baby. Jeah!

In summary,  WE HEART SIDEWINDERS!! Not only are these supaeasy to apply and remove to/from hair, they are light and versatile for us mommies w/matchy matchy issues (smh). If beading isn’t your thing, this is a great alternative. If you use beads, you can certainly switch it up with these! With a wide range of assorted colors, combinations are ENDLESS, trust! Owee, I can’t wait try out the other colors in her mini-twists. Stay posted! Oo – Check back next week for Week Two of our BBH New Year Giveaway Bash featuring Sidewinders (see spoiler). Soon, one lucky winner will be hookin’ and twistin’ too! Until then, Sidewinder Holders…

Go’Head Baby!

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