January 7, 2012

Baby Big Hair BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter announced by Baby Big Hair

Baby Big Hair (BBH) announced today their BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter Project featuring  BBH T-Shirts.  First up is the “Yes… It’s All Mine” t-shirt depicting a child who is constantly questioned about the authenticity of such frotastic BIG HAIR, a testament to any child with BIG HAIR.  Others include a colorful t-shirt featuring children with diverse hair types and the caption “All Hair is Good”, because truly all hair is good!  BBH also introduces their lovable character Courageous Curl Girl™ and her follicle defeating friends.

Kids natural hair t-shirts are hard to find and BBH t-shirts and designs are lighthearted and fun, fashionably forward with positive messages.  What a perfect gift for the Baby Big Hair in your life, or yourself (some adult sizes included)!  The BBH BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter rewards contributing backers  with downloads, window clings, totes,  t-shirts and more at various levels. Pledge contributions will help BBH do the following:

  • Set up and and print a retail-ready run of 3 created tee shirt designs and small merchandise items
  • Launch and maintain an online store
  • Market and secure advertising for products and the Baby Big Hair™ brand
  • Achieve world domination!!

About Baby Big Hair 

Since 2010 Baby Big Hair,  has provided its readers with kids natural hair care tips, product reviews, BIG HAIR Blast features, crafts and more through creative writing, all delivered with a sense of humor. BBH celebrates BIG HAIR everywhere with their anthem, Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!™

Chloe and Larry are the loving and hilarious parents of Baby Big Hair and provide their readers with so much info

About Kickstarter 

Kickstarter is a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers…

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