Oowee!! It’s on and poppin’folks. The day is HERE! We are pleased as punch to inform you BBH was accepted for a Kickstarter project and the Baby Big Hair “BIG LAUNCH” featuring tee shirts and more has officially blasted off as of this afternoon! o_O…. OHGAAAAAAAA! We are SUPASTOKED, a bit nervous (ohgaa), but so excited about this BIG step for Baby Big Hair. There is absolutely no way we could make such a leap of faith without the matchless support of our BBH family. Seriously. You can find all the BIG LAUNCH details here, but first, lets dig into this project a little deeper so you get the 411 hon, shall we?

What is Kickstarter?

Via www.wikipedia.com: Kickstarter is an online threshold pledge system for funding creative projects. Kickstarter has funded a diverse array of endeavors, ranging from indie film and music to journalism and food-related projects.

Basically, its a platform for creative folk to generate financial backing for a particular project, or a “kickstart” if you will… Now the beauty of Kickstarter is you can receive “rewards” based upon your contribution. So it’s not just donating; though we will kindly take those too, LOL! The catch is it’s ‘all-or-nothing’ funding. Meaning, funds are released for the project only if the desired threshold is met. So we must meet our goal of $3,000 by the end date, February 10. *Note, contributions will not withdrawn until such date. Please find more information on how Kickstarter works here.


Why are we doing the BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter project?
You already know we love kids with BIG HAIR!! From the onset of Baby Big Hair, we knew we wanted to take our message global. After not seeing kids BIG HAIR represented much in the market, we decided to create our own line of BBH apparel and accessories. The Baby Big Hair apparel line will combine urban and modern flair for that supafly BBH, jeah! What better way to represent than a phatty Baby Big Hair tee?? We hope to expand beyond tee shirts once established to other BIG HAIR goodies such as caps and more. Currently the BIG LAUNCH project consists of 3 tee shirt designs along with some other nifty rockable items; good and plenty to open our store with!!

We love our BBH and she has inspired us in so many ways. So without further ado, we are introducing our lovable character Courageous Curl Girl™ and her follicle defending friends! With fabulous supapowers they fight for the right of all hair types, so the whole world knows that “All Hair is Good”!! With our downloads and a little color and imagination, those long hairstyling sittings can be a time of great fun and sharing. We have BIG plans for Courageous Curl Girl and can’t wait to expand these characters and storyline as we grow as a company, EEEK! This is just the beginning folks!!

How Can I Support Baby Big Hair’s Big Launch Kickstarter Project?
You are just too kind hon! There are lots of ways, to name a few:

  • Spread the word yo! Grab the BIG LAUNCH button, post a link, tweet a link, blog a link, “Like” a link, roll up on folk, you know… just share away! Okay, so don’t roll up on just anybody though… Folk crazy nowadays, LOL!
  • If you gained valuable information from Baby Big Hair, want to see our tee shirts in the market, or just like to follow our blog and support the movement, post a comment on our project. Let people who stumble upon our project know that Baby Big Hair is loved and supported by all you wonderful people, and further, that celebrating BIG HAIR is well worth the investment!!
  • Lastly, and if you so desire, you can support us financially with a contribution as little as $5. We have some BIG HAIR rewards for the project as a thank you for your contribution including downloads, tote, tee shirts and more!! You know we gots to love on ya’ll!! Of course you’ll have our sincerest THANK YOU!

Trust, any way you choose to support our BIG LAUNCH is much, MUCH appreciated. You baby’s BIG HAIR deserves BIG attention and Baby Big Hair is here to do just that. Let’s do this folks, BIG HAIR or bust! Again, Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. We have 31 days to raise $3,000. If we do not meet our goal by February 10th, we will not receive any contributions pledged! So please spread the BIG word and link your friends and family to our BIG LAUNCH kickstarter project. Please contact us at kickstarter@babybighair.com if you have any questions. OWEE!

Go’Head Baby, Be a BIG LAUNCH Supporter!

p.s. Dont ‘t forget to grab the code in the right sidebar of the blog for the BIG LAUNCH button and leave a comment on the project!!!

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