Mini-Twists Update (Week 1)

So it’s been a week and BBH’s mini twists (or should I say our version of mini twists) are still going strong, Eek!    So happy you asked.  First, confessions. I did have our flat twists a tad too tight especially around the bends, so there was some irritation to her scalp, barely noticeable to the eye, but action had to be taken so her hairline would not be damaged. I loosened the flat twists by rolling the twists in the opposite direction and lifted them a bit to with the edge of my comb to loosen the tension. Then I added a dab of Tea Tree oil to her hairline at night time and in the am as well.  The irritation was gone by the second day. There, I can breath again (breath again…breath again...) HHhhh.  OK, so on to maintenance…

We are covering her twists in the evening with a satin cap, pulling her hair back, not up, into a loose ponytail.  *Gasp* That’s right folks, we don’t “pineapple” (pulling all hair up into a loose ponytail at the top of the head) or not all the way at least.  I take the top half and put it back into a loose ponytail, cover with her satin cap and then smooth the rest of her hair back behind her ears and towards the center from outside her cap. Hope that makes sense. In essence I am smoothing the cap back while feeling/smoothing the hair underneath it.  OR, you can do a second loose band at the bottom in the center, kind of like a 1/2 fauxhawk then cover.   Anywho, shake it out in the AM, and be about your business!  This eliminates having to “clip” the hair down to the side to smooth it out, which I found I always had to do with doing a full “pineapple.”  Occasionally I still have clip it down, but rarely. Careful that the band is not too tight as it can stretch the twists or will leave an indentation…
Now, BBH’s ends are more prone to get dry due to close contact with her clothes and the collar of her winter jacket, in addition to her hair just needing a trim (I’ll get to that at some point before taking her twists down).  To help with this, I add about a dime size of Beautiful Curls Shea Butter & Coconut Hydrating Curl Oil in my hand, rub them together then “pressing” the oil into between my hands like so.


[huh, don’t my hands look good ya’ll?? Lighweight sleepin’ on my calling, LOL!…smh]

Then pat, pat, pat the rest of the oil in your hands gently on the hair and mm-hey, TWIST REVIVAL!!  Yes lawd!!  I prefer pressing and patting than rubbing from root to tip because it’s less friction on the hair and minimizes frizz.  Not that this is rocket science yall but just sharing in case no one has thought of it before. Whelp, that’s our maintenance in a nutshell.   Stay tuned for our latest fun style with Sidewinder Hairholders, jeah!

Go’Head Baby!

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9 replies on “Mini-Twists Update (Week 1)

  • chloe

    Hey heather. A week to the day. Just when they start looking dry. I tend to be more generous on styling day so I don’t have to keep touching her hair. Can’t imagine needing to apply more oil more than once a week as long as I keep her hair covered at night. In between I may add a little more styling creme to her ends for hold as needed. Hope this helps. Thx for reading!

  • Thelma Tolbert

    Chloe, this is my first time seeing this and i wondered how you kept her hair so pretty and in its natural state. Sean’s middle girl have that type of hair,I would love to get her hair trained to twist style so she can wear it down. She will be 9 inFeb.
    What particular type of products do you use are they BBH products? Ias there any way you can steer me in that direction?

    Your cousin

  • chloe

    Hey Big Cuz, EEK! so excited to have you visit our site!! My staple products are Kinky Curly’s (KC) Knot Today Leave In Conditioner and Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Creme. both can be found at Whole Food Stores. I also use CARA B’s Hair Mist to dampen her hair for detangling. I use a host of other products too but I tend to gravitate back to these as base products. I also use extra virgin olive oil, tea tree oil and/or shea butter oil in her hair depending (I alternate those). Oils work great to moisturize hair and help styling aids. Something that may be easier to find in your parts is Shea Moisture. Its in Walgreens, CVS, some targets and Walgreens. I haven’t officially reviewed them but the entire line is all the rave for naturals. Check out our Hair Guide for a list of other recommended products, youtube channels for style inspiration etc. Oh, I also recommend for older hairstyles since she’s 9 (I cant believe that btw!!). Hofy this gets you off to a great start. If not, you know how to find me lawd. Love you!!

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