EEEK! Rae of one of our fave blogs, Tweeny Hair, sent us the most AMAZING haircandy to “Frotoshoot” and Giveaway. Good lawd where do I start?!?! Uhmmm, duct tape. YUP, her Huffleblossoms flowers are made from supacute buttons and decorative DUCT TAPE, what in da’ wurl?! She also sells fabulous fabric flowers with similar button details. What I love about Huffleblossoms is that-ever-so-slight-edge of funkiness to them. This cheetah print and hot pink flower is no different. Look at that 80’s hot pink, the divalicious print, all perfectly cut and wrapped into a delicious 12 petaled bow, then topped with the funkiest mama-have-you-seen-my-puffy-jacket black and gold button. WHAT IS THAT?!?! Well let’s get to it shall we?

Huffleblossoms Duct Tape Flower


Price: $5 – $6.50 per flower or set
Durability: Practically indestructible due to the material.
Handling: Very nice. Extremely sturdy bow with felt covered alligator clip in the back. #stayputfabulousness

We LOVE this!! Had us a good ‘ol time taking pictures (more to come next week). BBH felt right and tight rockin’ that joker. Not once did the bow fall from her hair. I just love the POP of color and that funky button!!! And the duct tape is just genius! Sturdy and easy to wipe/clean?!?! Hhhhhhh. Lawd I want this BOW FOR KEEPS!!! Ugh, I am so SIC to give this away!!! But I do take solace in knowing one lucky reader will be veddy veddy happy:) That’s right folks. This here purdy Huffleblossom will be featured in next week’s BBH New Year Bash Giveaway (Week Three, see spoiler here). But no worries, Huffleblossoms are reasonably priced with some being sold as sets. So you can always pluck one up for your BBH at anytime, Jeah!

You can find the amazing Huffleblossoms Collection on Etsy (including the fabric flowers) or check out the Huffleblossoms Facebook Page. Might as well gets to “Likin” and get a jump on your giveaway entry, jus’sayin. In the meantime, EEK! We heart these fabulous bows. Owee, Huffleblossoms…

Go’Head Baby!!

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