Its been a full two weeks and I must say, we’re doing pretty good here. The break from styling has been REALLY nice.  We continue to keep them moisturized with CARA B Naturally Hair Mist and alternate between Beautiful Curls Hydrating Curl Oil and Tea Tree Oil (read how we apply here).  Her flat twisted hairline is stil in tact, but I’ll probably refresh it over the weekend. I dont want to take any chances with those edges.  One thing I did do this week is “touch” up some some of her ends that were unraveling or getting a tad frizzy.  To do this I added a little Beautiful Curls Activating curl creme on my fingers after remoisturing and twirled the ends framing her face  like so…This seals in those ends again, minimizing damage from her coat and cotton shirts (BTW, see our BC review here that includes the Curl Activating Creme). See those coily ends?? Ahhhh, me precious…

We’re baaaaaaack!  EEK!  I am pleased as punch, and it took only a few minutes for our twist revival *does dance*.  Loving her scrumptious twists!! Also wanted to note I apply oil to her hairline and flat twist style every day (or just about), and this is the first time a re-moisturized her entire scalp with oil. BBH’s hair can hold some product yall.


Go’Head Baby!

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