It’s been almost two years since our first post. Here is our Diva Spotlight feature on Beads, Braids and Beyond that was posted that summer:

Hhhh. THAT’S MY BABY Y’ALL! Boy has it been a ride. Every day we are thankful for the opportunity to work together as a family, and are humbled by each Baby Big Hair subscriber, follower and “like.” At the end of the day, we’re just crazy parents of an awesome baby girl, but somehow Baby Big Hair has become so much more than that. It’s for your BBH and all BBH’s around the globe. Every pic, every Blast feature, every hairspiration celebrates the beauty of our children and you the parent or caretaker, for instilling positive messages and influences by investing your time in them.

A little about us. We are a team of 11 years. Hardworking civilians who have been blessed with the opportunity, an outlet, to combine our creative gifts to share our love for our most precious gift, our daughter, lovingly known as Baby Big Hair. Larry is our resident graphic artist and frotographer, but what you may not know, is…DUDE CAN SPIT!! Oh yes, y’all aint ready!! Me? I am the resident stylist (hair and fashion), frotographer wannabe, got crafts and decor, but occasionally I BEEEEEE IN DA’STUDIO, STUDIO!! I think and breathe music lawd, if you haven’t noticed. I am also the resident dancer, and am known to embarrass the fam a time or twoJ. Shooooo.. e’ry now and then you gotta let ’em know how its done!! Yeah, L’s def more introverted (but he’s crazy, don’t sleep) and I am clearly and unequivocally, the extrovert. Our daughter, poor thang, (smh…), has inherited both our sillies and talents. She is jokes for DAYZ and is destined to be quite the entertainer. Did I mention she’s smart as a whip and beautiful inside and out?!? HHHhhhh. My baby. I’m telling you…..

BBH BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter for Kids Natural T-Shirts

We are so grateful for all the support and encouraging words given to us on our BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter Campaign from our fans, family and friends since we announced it a few weeks ago. We are just under 20 days away from the end of our Kickstarter project (ends – February 10). Currently we are 10% backed, and need more backers to make our goal a reality. We are asking all of you to help us represent BIG HAIR in the market by pledging to our BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter and/or sharing the link with your family and friends.etc. Pledge contributions will allow us to:

  • Set up and and print a retail-ready run of 3 created tee shirt designs and small merchandise items
  • Launch and maintain an online store
  • Market and secure advertising for products and the Baby Big Hair™ brand
  • Achieve world domination (mwahahaha)!!

The BBH BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter rewards contributing backers (folks who donate) with downloads, window clings t-shirts and more at various pledge levels. But trust, just a $1 or 5$ donation can go a long way. If you like or want to purchase our tees, please consider being a backer. For more detail information about the kickstarter process, and why we choose this fundraising platform, click here. We know its a little different, but trust its all good; if it were not so, we would have told you! If you’re ready to do this, CLICK HERE!! Many thanks to our BBH Fam. We truly appreciate you. Don’t forget to spread the word….

Go Head Baby!

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