OWEEE! It’s CARA B Naturally at Target for me! Yes Hon, CARA B Naturally has just launched in Target stores (EEK!) and soon CVS stores too as early as next week!! See press release here. This is crazy people. ‘Anybody that no me” knows I love me some CARA B Naturally! Must see our skincare review here and haircare reviews here and here. Now I’ve been fortunate to find these products at a local store, but for many of our readers who can only purchase online, this calls for a little dance *smurf, prep, now pose – BBD!* Owee, the cost you’ll be save in shipping? The convenience of having your favorite products just right down the street? For real though. Doesn’t the fact that a product line made specifically for children of color is now available at a big box retail store just enough to make you go IN?!? We so excited!! Not sure if the Target near you carries it? Check the CARA B Naturally Target store locator.

To kick off the product launch, Target will run a promotional sale from January 29 until February 11th with a $1 off all CARA B Naturally products. All the more to get out there asap before products fly of the shelves!! Also next week, from January 30 until February 6, BBH will partner with CARA B Naturally for a week long “I Spy” Twitter contest for our readers. Participants can browse shelves, take a pic of CARA B Naturally products, or shelves that are lacking the products (let’em know lawd) and post to Twitter for a chance to win a $25 Target Gift Certificate, EEK! Details coming forthwith. In the meantime, GET UR ‘CAMERS OUT!! And get thee to Target, stock up and snap some pics!! See ya on the 30th, JEAH!!

Go ‘Head Baby!

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