Didn’t NOBODY tell me ’bout that sweet boy Jaden Smith cutting his beautiful BIG HAIR (sniff, sniff). OHGAAAAAAA! Why? *sniff* WHY?!?! *Shakes fist and pounds the ground* dang, Dang, DAAAAAAANG! Good LAWD! Fro’sho??!?!? Say it ain’t so Bro!! HHHHHhhhhhhhhh. He’s still a little cutiepatootie, but MAN!! There goes another Baby Big Hair:( Let all the BBH’s and BBH parents have a moment of silence as we tip our moisturizing spray bottles *queue music*:

How do I say goodbye…to what we haaaad. All the BIG HAIR that made us laugh outweighed the baaaaaaaaad.

I thought BIG HAIR was for foreverrrrr, but FOREVER gone away………It’s so harrrrd [who’s got me on 3-part?] to say goodbyyye [I don’t hear ya’ll!!] to ur BIG HAIRRRRRRRR [*insert Mariah Carey finger*] OO-o-OO-o-o-o-OO-oooo HHHHhhhhhh *sniff, sniff*

Go’Head…*sniff, sniff* OHGAAAA!

Photos: Twitter, Getty Images and Vanity Fair
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