Why you want to check out on this here Giveaway?? 2 words… FROTO SHOOT!

We couldn’t WAIT to do our Froto Shoot w/that fabulous Huffleblossoms flower bow. BBH had been rockin’ medium sized twists for a few weeks around Thanksgiving and I thought it would be the opportune time for her to rock a FABULOUS twist out. Yup. So before night night, I spritzed her hair with CARA B’s Hair Mist and patted some oil in. I then braided her twists in medium sections, rolled the ends with flexi-rods and covered her hair with a satin cap. Next AM, I took down all the braided sections and unraveled each twist, and…GLOREH! The bomb twist out. What I love about CARA B’s Hair Mist is that it adds instant shine with a bit of hold yet with supasoftness, leaving BBH’s hair feeling great. Think of it as your spray bottle mixture with a few drops of gel to boot. I find it compliments other brands as well and it has become one of our staples (so has the Shampoo/Body Wash and Body Lotion….and – OK, so we like the whole line!). Well, guess what? A full size bottle of CARA B Hair Mist is included in the CARA B Gift Basket in this week’s giveaway, EEK! Full size bottles of EVERYTHANG plus a soap bar lawd!!

Now onto this that haircandy by Huffleblossoms made by Mommy Rae of Tweeny Hair (see the Huffleblossoms Etsy Store too). OO La La La! BBH was rockin’ it something fierce!! I mean, what BBH would not represent in this joker?!?

Funky and fun, it makes that twist-out just POP, doesn’t it?!?! HHhhh, let me stop talking… Enter this here Week Three Giveaway for a chance to set your baby’s BIG HAIR off with delightful like products from our friends CARA B Naturally and Huffleblossoms. Then have your own Froto Shoot and send in those fabulous pics to frotos@babybighair.com for our fan page, Jeah! Giveaway ends 12:01 am, this Saturday, January 21, 2012. Enter now before its too late!!

Go Head Baby!

Its been a full two weeks and I must say, we’re doing pretty good here. The break from styling has been REALLY nice.  We continue to keep them moisturized with CARA B Naturally Hair Mist and alternate between Beautiful Curls Hydrating Curl Oil and Tea Tree Oil (read how we apply here).  Her flat twisted hairline is stil in tact, but I’ll probably refresh it over the weekend. I dont want to take any chances with those edges.  One thing I did do this week is “touch” up some some of her ends that were unraveling or getting a tad frizzy.  To do this I added a little Beautiful Curls Activating curl creme on my fingers after remoisturing and twirled the ends framing her face  like so…This seals in those ends again, minimizing damage from her coat and cotton shirts (BTW, see our BC review here that includes the Curl Activating Creme). See those coily ends?? Ahhhh, me precious…

We’re baaaaaaack!  EEK!  I am pleased as punch, and it took only a few minutes for our twist revival *does dance*.  Loving her scrumptious twists!! Also wanted to note I apply oil to her hairline and flat twist style every day (or just about), and this is the first time a re-moisturized her entire scalp with oil. BBH’s hair can hold some product yall.


Go’Head Baby!


It’s Week 3 baybuh! And our giveaways just Keep Risin to the Top! While BBH says Give It All You Got, Give It All You Got! Jeah! What’s in store for you Hon? None other than one of our FAVE product lines *channels Oprah* CARA B NATURALLYYYYYYYY!! OWEEE! Yes, in the house lawd. MMhhmm. In this featured giveaway is their cutie patootie Gift Basket containing a full set of products in their existing line, AND a CARA B Naturally (CARA B) T-Shirt. WHAT?!?! Hhhhhh. I can’t stand it folks. “Anybody that know me”, knows I love me some CARA B, read our skincare review here and haircare reviews here and here. Trust, you will find at least one staple product in this gift basket ( a $60 value, eek!).

The Basket includes Shampoo/Body Wash, Leave-In Conditioner/Daily Moisturizer, Moisturizing Hair Mist, Body Lotion and Baby Bar Soap.  How is THAT for sampling?!?! And after that baby’s skin is looking all lovely like  and hair is set off something proper (or even yours while you playin!), BOW ‘DAT FRO with a phat nasty flower from Huffleblossoms.  You will LOVE this unique piece of haircandy featured on our blog last week, see review here.


This flower is secure with a felted alligator clip in the back. If your BBH is boy, no worries mommy. Just dedazzle that scarf and call it the day! Oh don’t sleep, trust.  Golly, what an amazing COMBO this week!  Many thanks to CARA B and Huffleblossoms for sponsoring. Check the ‘Copter lawd and gets to entering!

Go’Head Baby!

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ME: Why do you like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

BBH: Because he says lets all be friends and hold hands.

As we honor a great man today, I realize many of the things we do as a family or as individuals, and many of the opportunities laid before us on a day to day basis, came at a great cost.
Thank you Dr. King and thank you all men and women who sacrificed for our rights: our ancestors, grandparents, parents, aunties, uncles, and the ma’am and sirs up the street. We acknowledge and honor you today and every day.

Go’Head Baby!


Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Rae of Tweeny Hair and your sterling gem Syd!! Owee, I am too excited!! I have a serious hair crush on this child’s HAIR! So praying this is BBH when she’s older. Just a dollbaby!! Whelp, I was fortunate to “chat down” with Mommy Rae and get the scoop on that premium-quality-deluxe like BIG HAIR!! Lets get to it shall we?

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
We don’t have a specific routine in place. Syd co-washes her hair once or twice per week and only uses shampoo on an as-needed basis. [BBH: Wait..So Syd co-washes her OWN hair?!?! No THAT’s growing up BBH!!!] She’s pretty involved in sports, so during sports seasons, she usually shampoos about once per week to keep sweat and dirt away. During the time she’s not actively involved in any sports, she tends to only need shampoo every other week or so. We just try to let her hair tell us what it needs and go from there. [BBH: I see you Rae, BIG HAIR whisperer you!]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Syd’s hair and how do you over come them?
I don’t really find styling Syd’s hair to be challenging. Sometimes we have a hard time finding time to do the styles we want to do, though. [BBH: YESSSSS!] She has a lot of hair, so some styles can take quite a while to finish. Another hair challenge we’re facing right now is the transition to Syd taking care of her own care. She’s doing a great job, but she can get overwhelmed or frustrated sometimes…her hands aren’t big enough to wrap all the way around all of her hair! [BBH: uh, yeah… kinda like her arms are too short to box with God?…That’s some BIG HAR! But, Ooooo-Chiiiiiile BIG HAIR gets a lil’easierrrr…]

BBH: What does Syd like to do while you style her hair?
Now that she’s older, keeping her entertained during hair time isn’t really an issue. [BBH: EEEK! looking forward to this. One fine day!!!] Sometimes she watches a movie, sometimes she reads, and sometimes we just talk. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that her hair has blessed me with the opportunity that some other moms don’t get. Hair time gives us plenty of mom/daughter time to talk and have conversations that may never have happened if I wasn’t styling all that hair. I like to use styling time to talk with her and keep up with what’s important to her, especially now that she has entered the Middle School years. [BBH: See, that’s what I’m talkin’bout. Good job Mommy!!]

[BBH: ^^^ Is she too big to fit in my pocket?? Gimme dat BABY! Purdy girl…]

BBH: What are your fav products these days?
Oh man…that’s hard. I’m a product junkie. [BBH: Hi Rae. My name is Chloe and I too am a product junkie. Can we all say hi to Rae?? smh..] There are a few staples that are ALWAYS in our house, though [BBH: *criss cross applesauce, hands on chin*]. We are never without out Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer and Aussie Moist Conditioner. I also love Darcy’s Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme. But we’re always trying (and falling in love with) new products. We’ve recently had great results with Blended Beauty products, so that has been added to our product arsenal, too. [BBH: Great results indeed!! Look at this amazing curl definition in the pic below, and the bangs!!! OHGAAAA the bangs!!! OOOWEEEE!]

BBH: How does Syd feel about her hair??
Syd absolutely LOVES her hair! The bigger, the better is her motto. [BBH: Let all the BBH’s say AMEN!] She wears her hair with confidence, no matter how it is styled. And she gets sad that so many girls at school are now starting to get relaxers. She has actually asked me if I would teach a few of her friends how to do their hair so they won’t ruin their curls with chemicals. How can you say no to that??? [BBH: You simply DON’T! Give it up for Syd yall…]

Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles.
I don’t know that we’re very good with “quick” styles. We always plan ahead, so there is no chance of a before school panic with no time to do hair. But if we are in a hurry or don’t want to spend a lot of time on styling, we usually go to one big, thick french braid or a ponytail with a flat twist along her hair line. She does a lot of big hair styles in the summer time, but we shy away from them in the winter so we can keep her ends tucked in and protected against the cold winter weather we have here. [BBH: I LOVE this!! #Hairspiration]

BBH: Anything you would like to share about haircare in general or experiences?
Regarding hair care in general, it’s important to take your time and be patient with the hair to keep it from becoming damaged. Healthy hair is so much easier to work with than damaged hair. I just want to say again that I think one of the greatest things about caring for natural hair is the time spent bonding with Syd. Hair time should be enjoyable. Treasure the time you get to spend together, even if it’s during a styling session. [BBH :”’) well said Mommy, they dont get any younger!!!]

BBH: What is the inspiration behind Tweeny Hair and your latest venture, Huffleblossoms?
I started Tweeny Hair a year ago because there are so many natural hair care sites directed toward adults and young children, but there wasn’t much out there for that in between stage. I started noticing that on ever hair forum I visited, there were teens asking for more age appropriate advice and styles. So many girls start using chemicals at that age because they just don’t know what else to do with their hair. Since Syd was just beginning to enter that stage and I knew she wasn’t going to be reaching for the relaxers, I decided to document our adventure through this season of her life and hope to help some other girls out in the process.

Huffleblossoms is my brand new baby. It just launched 2 weeks ago. [BBH: EEK! so happy to be among the first to review them!!] I have been making hair accessories for years. When Syd’s friends at her new middle school started offering to buy some of her hair flowers, I decided I’d go ahead and start selling them. They took off at her school and Syd was coming home with orders from students and teachers alike. That’s when I realized that maybe I was onto something, and Huffleblossoms was born. [BBH: yeeyeah!]

Thank you Mommy Rae and Syd for participating! Good lawd that child is stunning, and isn’t that head of hair a DREAM?!? HHhhhhhhh. I’m also lovin’ Syd’s appreciation for her natural BIG HAIR, and how she handles it with her peers. What a great kid. Be sure to check out Tweeny Hair blog for amazing hairspirations and journaling of tweeny BIG HAIR. For supacute haircandy, you must peep Huffleblossoms on Etsy or check out the Huffleblossoms Facebook Page. Mommy’s got crafts, TRUST! Don’t forget to enter our upcoming Huffleblossoms giveaway (see Week 3 spoiler here) for the above posted hair flower, jeah! Mommy Rae and Syd…….

Go’Head Baby!

EEEK! Rae of one of our fave blogs, Tweeny Hair, sent us the most AMAZING haircandy to “Frotoshoot” and Giveaway. Good lawd where do I start?!?! Uhmmm, duct tape. YUP, her Huffleblossoms flowers are made from supacute buttons and decorative DUCT TAPE, what in da’ wurl?! She also sells fabulous fabric flowers with similar button details. What I love about Huffleblossoms is that-ever-so-slight-edge of funkiness to them. This cheetah print and hot pink flower is no different. Look at that 80’s hot pink, the divalicious print, all perfectly cut and wrapped into a delicious 12 petaled bow, then topped with the funkiest mama-have-you-seen-my-puffy-jacket black and gold button. WHAT IS THAT?!?! Well let’s get to it shall we?

Huffleblossoms Duct Tape Flower


Price: $5 – $6.50 per flower or set
Durability: Practically indestructible due to the material.
Handling: Very nice. Extremely sturdy bow with felt covered alligator clip in the back. #stayputfabulousness

We LOVE this!! Had us a good ‘ol time taking pictures (more to come next week). BBH felt right and tight rockin’ that joker. Not once did the bow fall from her hair. I just love the POP of color and that funky button!!! And the duct tape is just genius! Sturdy and easy to wipe/clean?!?! Hhhhhhh. Lawd I want this BOW FOR KEEPS!!! Ugh, I am so SIC to give this away!!! But I do take solace in knowing one lucky reader will be veddy veddy happy:) That’s right folks. This here purdy Huffleblossom will be featured in next week’s BBH New Year Bash Giveaway (Week Three, see spoiler here). But no worries, Huffleblossoms are reasonably priced with some being sold as sets. So you can always pluck one up for your BBH at anytime, Jeah!

You can find the amazing Huffleblossoms Collection on Etsy (including the fabric flowers) or check out the Huffleblossoms Facebook Page. Might as well gets to “Likin” and get a jump on your giveaway entry, jus’sayin. In the meantime, EEK! We heart these fabulous bows. Owee, Huffleblossoms…

Go’Head Baby!!

Why you may wanna hop on this here Week 2 Giveaway train?!?!  You can be the winner of a fabulous Sidewinder Holders Combo Set  ($35 value).  We love our Sidewinders (see review here) and have been playing around a bit to achieve different looks.  Check this style we came up with for Tye Die day!  A hairline winders and side ponytail with cascading “baby” winders:)

Doesn’t it look like her hair was kissed by a rainbow?!?!?  OOWEEE!  I think the small sidewinders are my favorite!!  They are supalight and stay in the hair without the assistance of bands and/or beads.   Be careful though, the edges on the small ones aren’t as smooth (from them being cut down to size), so you have to guide them through the hair a bit more, especially through flat twisted or cornrowed styles.  We got our inspiration from the likes of Goldilocks*n*Me, Charlotte’s Avenue and Curly Hairdo Ideas on the Sidewinder Holder Website.


Dont forget this week’s a two-parter giveaway.  Books by Thomasina has sponsored her awesome character building book MamaWhen Will I Be Popular, and is including her favorite BIG HAIR product, Mizani’s D’Tangle.

Isn’t that cover just the cutest!?! Can’t you just imagine being all snuggled up with your BBH reading this inspiring book?  #besttimeever! Well, what are you waiting for?  Gets to entering this week’s BBH New Year Bash Giveaway before its too late!! For more detail on the sponsored products and to enter click here! Ends this Thursday morning (1/12) at 12:01am, JEAH!

Go’Head Baby!

So it’s been a week and BBH’s mini twists (or should I say our version of mini twists) are still going strong, Eek!    So happy you asked.  First, confessions. I did have our flat twists a tad too tight especially around the bends, so there was some irritation to her scalp, barely noticeable to the eye, but action had to be taken so her hairline would not be damaged. I loosened the flat twists by rolling the twists in the opposite direction and lifted them a bit to with the edge of my comb to loosen the tension. Then I added a dab of Tea Tree oil to her hairline at night time and in the am as well.  The irritation was gone by the second day. There, I can breath again (breath again…breath again...) HHhhh.  OK, so on to maintenance… Continue reading →