OOOWEEE! What do I love as much as BIG HAIR??!?! Boutique modeling Frotos of BABY BIG HAIRZ like these lovelies by Childish Couture Photography.

Isn’t Mommy Angelica’s work simply AMAZING?!?! Her daughter is a beautiful Baby Big Hair too (peep the BBH in the pink hat^^^); gimme dat baby!! You can find Childish Couture Photography splattered all over the net capturing couture clothing and accessories by the likes of La Couture Amore (love their BIG BOWS!), beautiful people, moments and more. The Childish Couture Photography FB Page is a must, TRUST! OO LA LA LA, J’adore, J’ADORE Les enfants avec de grandes sèche-!!!! EEEEEEEEK! Childish Couture Photography….

Aller De l’avant Bébé!!!!

Bonjour! As promised, we’re taking it alllllllll down in this post. Our moisturizing with extra virgin olive oil and It’s Perfectly Natural’s “Replenish” proved to be a hit. I only had to add a little conditioner to a few tough spots, so all in all, taking down her twists went pretty smoothly. Lets get to it, shall we?

Tools Used:

  • Fingers and Fingernails (buy some if you dont have any, LOL!!!..smh)
  • Wide toothed comb
  • Oil or Conditioner on hand for stubborn tangles (assuming you already moisturized)

The Process:

Grab a twist and focusing at the roots gently detangle with your fingers. We had a bit of new growth here…

Once you are able to separate the twists at the bottom, position your thumb/fingernail between the pieces, and begin to slide down the twist while turning the opposite direction you styled them with your other hand.

I always twist right over left, so when taking twist down, I twirl the end to my left while separating the strands with my thumb with my other hand. You can do this until you get to the very end of the bottom. OR, what I found is helpful, but only when you have a good slip, is when you are about 3/4’s down the twist with your thumb, stop and unravel the end of the twist just a bit as necessary and firmly hold the ends while gently pulling one of the strands like so…

You’ll feel the give at the bottom, and free up the strand you’re pulling so it will glide through..

Y ou should then have separated strands with delightful like twist out potential, like so…

OWEEE!!! But at last, we didn’t stop there as I was prepping for hairwashing the next a.m. BUT we do normally rock a twist out a few days before hair washing day, it’s a great way to have BIG HAIR; just remoisturize and gently twist or braid in large sections at night and twist out in the a.m. again. Anywho, I continued to detangle her separated twists with my fingers and then ran a wide toothed thru medium sized sections. Once completed, I twisted off each detangled section.


** Note, I gently worked thru those little irritating knots you can get towards the bottom with my hands. You can also use the end of a rat tailed comb to work it thru. If you can’t, snip snip! – but at an angle – this minimizes further damage to the hair** The entire take down process took me 3 hours O_O. BUT, for you mini-styled havin’ mommies out there, you know that is nothing when a style takes you 8 hours to put in…and you’ve gone almost 7 weeks without washing….and 3/4’s of all twists haven’t been restyled.. just chillin’ knotting up on ya. Lawd, what was I THINKING?!?! smh… LOL! I attribute such short time frame to well moisturizing her hair during the trimming process (extra virgin olive oil and It’s Perfectly Natural’s “Replenish” (a pre-treatment for washes)). Whelp, our total hair loss from the take down???

Not bad for 7 weeks and some tough detangling spots eh? I’ll take it!!! For those of you just joining us (welcome!), please see our related Mini-Twists Recap and Trimming posts to see how we maintained our twists for 6 weeks (lightweight was feenin’ for 8 weeks!!) and trimmed them. Now, can we have one last moment for our beloved, “me precious” Mini-Twist style ya’ll?


To our fabulous Mini-Twists, I want to say thank you. Thank you for hanging in there and giving this Mommy a much needed break in styling. You were faithful and kind to me, and never asked to0 much of me…. *queue music – but skip to the teary breathy part*And I….YES I (-that was the CeCe Winans in me), will always Loo-ooo-oove….Youuuuuuu” HHhhhhhhh :”'( OHGAAA!!

Go’Head Baby!

Hi All! Well, we took the plunge over the weekend and removed BBH’s Mini Twists from New Years Day. Thats right folks, almost 7 weeks in. Prior to the take down I decided to trim her hair. I do not trim her hair as often as I used too (just fell out of routine honestly), but when I do, I like to do it while her hair is in small twists. I do not remember exactly where I read about trimming natural hair in small braids or twists but I’ve been doing it since BBH was 2. This post by Natural Haven is the closest I could find to what I originally read years ago. The key is to cut dead/split ends at an angle. Let’s walk through the process shall we?

Tools used:

  • 2 ‘Ouchless’ ponytail holders
  • 2 Large alligator clips
  • 1 Pair of cutting shears (try Sally’s or your local hair store. Please invest in cutting shears and do not use a regular pair of scissors…)

The Process:

Evenly section off hair from ear to ear starting at the bottom. In this picture the top half is in a ponytail:

Examine the ends and figure out how much you need to trim. Quasi length check here, EEK! But seriously, I need to trim a good inch and 1/2, maybe two, to get at the healthiest length, but as always – I just punk out everytime – I go with the length of my thumb. I will explain in a bit but first, I knew taking down her mini-twists would be a huge undertaking. So I took this time to prep them by applying extra virgin olive oil to each twists, saturating the base to begin loosing up any locking going on.

I then applied a small amount of It’s Perfectly Natural Replenish (Pre-Wash Treatment – review coming soon) for more slip in the twist separation process for the next day. I did this in small sections, about 4-8 twists at a time and trimmed as I went starting from the back up. I use all my tools to keep things in order, THAT’S A LOT OF TWISTS lawd. In this picture, taken later in the process, hair that has been trimmed has been clipped off the right side, hair to be trimmed is on my left. Completed rows have been braided and banded to keep out of the way. Plus, i have hair sectioned off at the top as well to keep those out if the way. It is important to section off the newly trimmed area from the untrimmed section as you go, so not to mistakenly trim hair twice.

I’m jumping around a bit, but stay with me. As stated above I usually end up trimming about a ‘thumbnail’ amount of hair, meaning I slide down each twists with my thumb at an angle all the way down to the end and snip right above the thumb at an angle.

I dont worry about cutting evenly across like you typically would with straight hair. I trim her hair as it naturally falls. Otherwise her BIG HAIR would be choppy when down and out or worst, her twists would not stay due to blunt edges (ohgaaa! I need my twists styles lawd). Tip for when you’re good and comfortable with trimming – twists 2 or 3 small twists together in one large twists and snip the ends at an angle. This will save you some time. But I only recommend after much practice and on mini or micro braids/twists, otherwise you risk having a choppy cut. Anywho, here is a pic of that very first row I started with after trimming, before, after and sectioned off:

20120222-081105.jpg I intend to put her hair back in twists, though probably not as small, and do another trim in another few weeks. In the end, she will have the trim she needs and I dont have to worry about hacking all her hair at once and totally messing it up. By keeping her hair in twists or protective styles between trims, I am minimizing further damage to her ends by not manipulating her hair so much. How much did we trim? *Drum roll please* THIS MUCH!

Doesn’t seem like a lot, cuz its not compared to her BIG HAIR, but double that in a few weeks and you’ll have a good size trim! Here are her fully trimmed, almost 7 weeks old twists:

EEEK! That’s our trimming in a nutshell. Stay tuned for our Twist Take Down post.

Go’Head Baby!

How was the weekend ya’ll??!? Ours was good. Well, we are officially out of our mini-twists *queue music* It’s so haaaaaard, to say goodbye.. Yup, we trimmed and took down those bad boys over the weekend. Unfortunately with all that has transpired over the last few weeks and being out of town just about every weekend, I wasn’t able to play around with her mini-twists as much as I would have liked. I had Curlformer (review here) and pipecleaner aspirations (pipecleaner post w/twists here) all in my head; oh wells. We did braid them in week 5 for a wavy look but I didn’t take pictures:(, but TRUST, it was a gorg. Bur for Friday, I simply pulled them up into 2 ponies. It was supacute and really made her headband style pop, don’t you think?!? BBH was very happy with her tails:)

Well, since I love you I’m going to fast forward and give you a preview of her “holding style” until hairwashing day this weekend. I KNOW! BBH woke up with a cold Sunday AM and I didn’t want to risk it turning for the worst by wetting her head. So homegirl will go 7 weeks without a hairwashing o_O?!?! Never in my life have I gone this long lawd. Her scalp looks great though, perhaps due to the fact I don’t oil her scalp religiously (so no build up? *shrugs shoulders*). Still, dont intend to make this a practice! Anywho, here we go:

EEK! She looks like such a big girl!! This technique is called “Threading” and I’ve done this on BBH’s hair a few times in the past, though these are a bit more chunky (I was tired after breaking those twists down lawd). See post here with tutorial video from a great blog, Girls Love Your Curls. Stay tunned for trimming, removing/detangling and threading posts coming soon, OWEE! Let’s review or journey with our delightful like Mini-Twists:

Products Used

For Pre-Poo
Beautiful Curls(BC) Deep Conditioning Treatment, Shea Butter & Coconut Hydrating Curl Oil and Hollywood Beauty’s Tea Tree Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a slight dab of Kinky Curly‘s Knot Today.

For Washing
CARA B Naturally Shampoo and Body Wash and used Kinky Curly‘ Knot Today as our Leave’In Conditioner.

For Styling
Beautiful Curls Hydrating Curl Oil mix w/a dab of Tea Tree Oil, Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Creme and Kinky Curly‘’s Tiny Twirls Styler (gel from Toddler line). For each section I applied the oil on top of the Leave In, combed thru with a wide toothed comb, then applied the cream and brushed thru with a modified Denman brush, and topped with the gel prior to twisting.

For Maintenance
CARA B Naturally Moisturizing Hair Mist to slightly dampen hair and continued hold, Beautiful Curls Hydrating Curl Oil for moisture and shine, and Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Creme to reseal and protect ends.

Initial Mini-Twist Style, New Year’s Day. See post here.

With Sidewinders, a few days in. See related post here.

Week 1 (maintenance). See post here.

Week 2. See post here (maintenance tips on sealing ends).

Weeks 3 & 4. See post here (restyled top layer of twists leading into week 4).

Weeks 5 & 6 – See post here


*queue music, channels the late Whitney Houston* Didn’t we almost have it allllllllllllll?? I covered your hair until the morniiiiiiin’!!! Low maintenance with you was worth the 8 hours to put innnnn! … (sighing breath, camera change, tilts head, painful stare while reaching for what used to be BBH twists…) Didn’t we almost have it allllllllllllllll?? :”'( …. *fades to black*

Go’Head Baby!!

Please accept our apologies for the delay updating our readers as we suffered a great loss in the family during the last week of our BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter Campaign.  As you may already know, we were unsuccessful in reaching our goal for funding shirts.  Hhhhhhh. Yup, no “Hollywood” folks…we didn’t make it:( OHGAAA! *runs away in tears*  However, we were very successful in giving it  the BIG go with our best efforts:)  We are supasyked to have shared our vision with you all and put kids natural BIG HAIR on display for the world to see, EEK!

Many thanks to you all for supporting and believing in us.  Please believe we will continue to strive to get these shirts printed.  After receiving such great feedback we are determined more than ever to make this happen. As it stands, we will print each design one at a time and soon hope to few more, OOWEE!  We hope to start printing within the next few months. More info to come, TRUST. In the meantime, please feel free to share your favorite T-shirt. We’d love to hear from you! Just comment below.    Again, our sincerest, most grateful THANK YOU for supporting the Baby Big Hair BIG LAUNCH!  ~Chloe and Larry     


 Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!


HHhhhhh. Boy am I EVER so grateful BBH’s hair is in a protective style lawd!! We’ve been out of town and rippin and runnin for the last few weeks (heck month). Her minis are holding up great!

I restyled the headband last Wed. This time I flat rope twisted it, a little somefin somefin I learned from Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care, see tutorial here (that Rory is ridonkulous). The hold was great with -0- tension. Practice makes perfect!!! Although I should have twisted in the opposite direction on the left side, towards the center, it still came out beautiful. Those suckers are holding shape, pretty excited about that!

Of course we remoisturized as we’ve done in the past and I resealed the ends framing her face and a few twists in the back to minimize frizz and to further protect the ends. Now looky here…

See that new growth?!?! OWEEE! Loves it. CLEARLY this causes for celebration *queue music* Ceeelebrate BIG HAIR, Come’On! Whew! These minis have come a mighty long way (a mighty long waaaaay)! We had a service to go to last Saturday and Gently braided her hair Friday evening and took down in the am for a beautiful wavy look. Too much going on for pics, but trust, it was gorg. Well, I am not EVEN gonna lie, I wanna keep these bad boys in another 2 weeks!!! But alas, I shan’t for fear of her hair locking on me. My intention is to trim her hair, take down her twists and restyle this weekend. Note, I said intention. We shall see lawd… Thanks for staying with us folks. If you are just joining us and would like to see our progress with this style, please see the initial Mini-Twist style, Week 1 update , Week 2 update and Weeks 3 & 4 update.

Go’Head Baby!

We’re slowly getting back to the swing of things and I’m not EVEN gonna lie, no fabrocious heartstyle today. Honestly, I haven’t been able to swing a fun Vday style to date:( Why? I suppose BBH is either in a protective style or I’m running around doing some crazy vday craft. With us being out of town all last week, returning home late Sunday, back to work Monday, not a lot of time to pull off much of anything. BUT I knew I wanted to do somehting different. What better way to honor the late Granny BBH, the health enthusiast she was, than these adorable vday fruit stickers, an awesome idea I found here on The Cuties also came with their own vday stickers, eek! The kids may not like them as much as sweets, but I’m sure the parents will appreciate it. Our stickers were recreated by the ever so talented Daddy BBH:)

Valentines of the past (or what I could get my hands on)….

Supacute Teddys

This what we did for last year. Little teddybears made of marshmallows, cinnamon hearts and an icing pen. Unfortunately I lost the inspiration tutorial. But in essence you melt white chocolate to ‘glue’ the pieces together, draw on the face, place on sticks and viola! LOVED THESE, but the melting chocolate piece? Not so much, hhhhhh. And I mean it was an alllllllll day labor of love. It was a SupaHit though with the class:)

Fun Valentines for Daddy

(Sorry about the bad pic) Made of construction paper and some vday stickers I grabbed in the $1 aisle at Michaels. This was really fun and has a permanent place hanging in our bedroom. One of my favorite projects yet with BBH. Nothing too fancy. But the hands make it supasweet:)

VDay Silly Pics

From last year. As you can see she was already in a protective style. I just added accessories. Man has her hair grown…

We heart our BBH Fam, Happy Valentines Day!!

Go’Head Baby!

Hi All,

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Chloe and Larry