Mini-Twists Update (Week 3 & 4)

Hi! Just a quick pop in. Sooo busy last few weeks, but I haven’t forgotten ya. We’re still hanging in there with our twists. Well, things got a little hectic during week 3 and I didn’t get to refresh BBH’s twists much as I intended. But I knew I had to take down her head band style and refresh, so I managed to get that done. Owee! Look at this amazing twist out potential!! To my dismay there was some breakage:”( HHHhhhhhh. Can’t say I’m too surprised. Remember, I loosened up what I thought was tension, and I’m glad I did but I should have taken it down. Why do I know this is breakage and not just shedding?? No bulbs on the ends… Now mind you, BBH’s hair is long so what you see is balled up long strands of hair so it’s not supabad, but I know if restyled it looser, it wouldn’t be nearly as much breakage. Lesson learned. This time, I did it much looser with no bands to secure it. MUCH BETTER!! I rewetted the style with CARA B Naturally Hair Mist, finger detangled (that’s when I saw the breakage) added some oil and simply re-flat twisted. I remoisturized the rest of her hair and sealed the ends similar to Week 2 and we’re we set.


(and of course the above top 1/2 of post pic)

Enters Week 4 and boy did I style the headline TOO loose. HHHhhhh. I guess I was scurt in week. By the following weekend the flat twists were about a 1/2 inch from her scalp:/ So I redid the headband again, this time just right. Practice makes perfect!! Anywho, I had a little more time to redo a few of the top twists. I again rewetted with CARA B Naturally’s Hair Mist and styled with Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Creme. Here are a few pics of the process. Note how small and tight I do each twist and how they dry much fuller…

Redoing the top layer of your twist or braid style is an easy way to revive your entire style! I simply restyled the top layer as above ^^^. All in all, this took me about an hour and 15 minutes, for a look that will get me thru another week, if not 2! Pics of restyled section…

But oh yes, there is some frizz going on, though not a whole lot, thankfully! I suppose the smaller the twists, the longer the style. Now mind you (ok, why do people say “mind you”? where did that come from?), we have been religious with her cap at night and on her head while changing clothes. We have also re-moisturized with patting in oil about every other day or so (again, see Week 2 for these steps). All that to say, I’m still working hard to keep this style fresh, even though I’m not styling her hair every day. I believe this has kept the frizz somewhat at bay, yey! Close up on frizz underneath…


Shake’em down and here we have it…

OWEE! Not bad eh? TWIST REVIVAL, thankya!!! *does a dance and runs on* Shoooo, I may go another 2 weeks!! For all that we could have participated in Kandy Land Kurls Protective Style Challenge, hmph! BBH’s scalp is fine, there is not any build up or flaking, so I have yet to wash it, mind you (LOL!). Well, we’re keep on movin’ folks. I’m really pleased at how well these are holding up, especially in the winter. For those of you just joining us, check out our our initial Mini-Twist style, Week 1 update and Week 2 update. Check back in on us lawd!

Go’Head Baby!

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