Why you may wanna get with this here Baby Big Hair and CARA B Naturally ‘I-Spy’ TWITTER Contest? YOU CAN WIN A $25 TARGET GIFT CARD! Hhhhhhhhh. On top of that all CARA B Naturally products are $1 off until February 11th! By the time you purchase the entire line you can save $5. What more do you WANT Hon? ‘Anybody that know me’ knows I love me some CARA B Naturally, in particular that there Moisturizing Hair Mist and some TARGET!! Entering this contest is easy peasy, TRUST! You only have until Monday, February 6th so lets walk thru the details again, shall we?

Requirements to Enter the Contest:
First you must follow Baby Big Hair (@babybighair) and CARA B Naturally (@carabnaturally) on Twitter.

Entry Option 1:
Check the Target store locator on the CARA B Naturally website and enter the desired zip code. Is it there? Not there? TWEET IT! Like so:

@babybighair, It’s in my @Target store! #ILoveCARABNaturally


@babybighair, It’s NOT in my @Target store! #ILoveCARABNaturally

Entry Option 2:
Browse the shelves of your local Target store.

Take a one pic of the CARA B NATURALLY products and post on Twitter with the @BabyBigHair handle and the hashtag #ILoveCARABNaturally like so:

@babybighair OH SNAP! Products at my Target! #ILoveCARABNaturally

– or –

Take one pic of the shelves that do NOT have CARA B Naturally products and post it on Twitter with the @babybabybighair handle and the hashtag #ILoveCARABNaturally like so:

@babybighair OH SNAP! Products NOT at my Target! #ILoveCARABNaturally

Grand prize is a $25 Target Gift Certificate! BBH will randomly select the winner based upon entry tweets with the BBH handle and ILoveCARABNaturally hashtag; so it’s important to tweet as specified above!! IN ADDITION, CARA B Naturally will giveaway one CARA B Naturally tee to the first two people that tweet pics, EEK!

For reals, that’s it folks. Can’t make it to Target?!? You can still enter the contest with just the 1st entry option^^^, which you can do RIGHT NOW!! But don’t act you don’t be up in Target once a week lawd, LOL! Jus ‘playin…I jus ‘playin… We LOVE this Contest! It’s a ‘Perfect Combinatioooon..Target – CARA B …a Perfect Combination, we couldn’t ask for any betterrrrr‘, Jeah!

Go’Head Baby!

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