What’s up y’all? Hope everybody is doing swell. I wanted to drop in and see what people think of the tee shirt designs that we have included with our BIG Launch Kickstarter Campaign. So how did we come up with the designs you ask? Well, it was a great collaborative effort with me and the misses. We just brainstorm, draft up different ideas and work with the color coordination for the designs. We’ve had several designs for almost a year now but we wanted to wait for just the right time to drop them to the public. And there a lot more to come. But let’s check out the first three for now.

All Hair is Good says exactly what it means. We wanted to celebrate all hair types big, small or none at all. This was fun to make because we had to think of different hair styles and how best to represent them.

Yes… It’s All Mine has a bit of an attitude. And while we encourage our little ones to have a positive attitude, it’s almost impossible when people are always questioning if your child has a wig on because their hair is so big. Or they just want to touch your baby’s head… (see ‘Get Yo Hand Out My Baby’s Head‘ post). So we figured we can at least let the shirt display a little attitude while you and your child keep it together. Ha!

The Baby Big Hair shirt is a great way to spread the word about Big Hair. Plain and simple. And it’s got our fun logo on it!

Another fun creation has been our new characters lead by Courageous Curl Girl™ herself. I wanted to create characters that were simple to make (why get all complicated?) and that I hoped would appeal to both children and their parents. We are continuing to develop Courageous Curl Girl™ and her friends. We expect to do some BIG things with them in the future (future, future *echo)!!

I use Adobe Illustrator to draw all of our designs. That’s basically my main weapon of choice when it comes to graphic design (Photoshop and Lightroom are also in my arsenal). Most of the stuff you see on the website was created in Adobe. Let us know what you think of the designs in the comments below. What’s your favorite? I hope you enjoy them and will join us in being proud Baby Big Hair apparel wearers. Why wait? Contribute to the Kickstarter and get your shirt reserved today (there are only a few days left!!). Help celebrate BIG HAIR, spread the word and the BBH anthem “Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!” all across the globe.

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