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First, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Just wanted to take this moment to remind everyone of our “all or nothing” BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter Campaign fundraiser to raise $3,000 for our BBH T-shirts and small accessories.  To date we have 11 backers (THANK YA!) totaling $525 and we’d be remiss not to give this our best shot so our backers efforts will not go in vein.  This BBH Kickstarter ends tomorrow, February 10 at Midnight,  that’s right, just  37 hours to go.  In a nutshell you can back us with a little as $1, but $35 will reserve you one (1) shirt of your choice, one (1) BBH kids wrist band, one (1) BBH window cling (for that BBH ride), and one (1) Courageous Curl Girl and friend download.  Other backer packages include:

  • $5 or  more: a BIG shout out on the Baby Big Hair Website and Facebook Page, and free Courageous Curl Girl™ and friend download.
  • $15 or more:  BIG shout outs, free downloads, PLUS a Baby Big Hair wristband (kids size), “BIG HAIR ON BOARD” window cling, and a special “Thank You” card.
  • $35 or more: Above-mentioned Baby Big Hair swag and 1 T-shirt of your choice.
  • $50 or more: Above-mentioned Baby Big Hair swag and a 2nd T-shirt of your choice.
  • $75 or more: Above-mentioned Baby Big Hair swag and a 3rd T-shirt of your choice.
  • $100 or more: Above-mentioned Baby Big Hair swag, 3 shirts of your choice and a BBH Tote.

To get an idea of the some of the BBH swag, check the BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter updates for pics etc.  Can’t  financially back us? No worries, just repost, blog or retweet this post or our initial BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter Post, the most informative, wherever you can (you can also find our BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter Press Release here (shortest version), and spread the word among family and friends. Also for support, feel free to post a comment in the BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter comment section. Tell everyone that you heart BBH and BBH T-Shirts! For quick reference and your viewing pleasure, we are reposting the BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter video below (big ups to Daddy BBH for such lovely work):

Ready to do this? PLEASE CLICK HERE to become a contributing backer for the BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter Campaign fundraiser, post a comment and/or view our Kickstarter updates.  On the main page you will see the various backer levels and rewards as noted above on the right hand side.  The blue tabs near the top will navigate you through our posts and comments.  Remember, this is an “ALL OR NOTHING” fundraiser, so if we do NOT meet our goal of 3k by Midnight, February 10 (tomorrow), we will not receive any pledged funds, and backer monies will not be withdrawn.  Thanks to everyone who has backed, supported and/or encouraged us to date.  We are excited for the possibility of printing these tees and providing other fun accessories. Trust, this is just the beginning.    God bless.

Chloe and Larry


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