We’re slowly getting back to the swing of things and I’m not EVEN gonna lie, no fabrocious heartstyle today. Honestly, I haven’t been able to swing a fun Vday style to date:( Why? I suppose BBH is either in a protective style or I’m running around doing some crazy vday craft. With us being out of town all last week, returning home late Sunday, back to work Monday, not a lot of time to pull off much of anything. BUT I knew I wanted to do somehting different. What better way to honor the late Granny BBH, the health enthusiast she was, than these adorable vday fruit stickers, an awesome idea I found here on www.fitsugar.com. The Cuties also came with their own vday stickers, eek! The kids may not like them as much as sweets, but I’m sure the parents will appreciate it. Our stickers were recreated by the ever so talented Daddy BBH:)

Valentines of the past (or what I could get my hands on)….

Supacute Teddys

This what we did for last year. Little teddybears made of marshmallows, cinnamon hearts and an icing pen. Unfortunately I lost the inspiration tutorial. But in essence you melt white chocolate to ‘glue’ the pieces together, draw on the face, place on sticks and viola! LOVED THESE, but the melting chocolate piece? Not so much, hhhhhh. And I mean it was an alllllllll day labor of love. It was a SupaHit though with the class:)

Fun Valentines for Daddy

(Sorry about the bad pic) Made of construction paper and some vday stickers I grabbed in the $1 aisle at Michaels. This was really fun and has a permanent place hanging in our bedroom. One of my favorite projects yet with BBH. Nothing too fancy. But the hands make it supasweet:)

VDay Silly Pics

From last year. As you can see she was already in a protective style. I just added accessories. Man has her hair grown…

We heart our BBH Fam, Happy Valentines Day!!

Go’Head Baby!

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