HHhhhhh. Boy am I EVER so grateful BBH’s hair is in a protective style lawd!! We’ve been out of town and rippin and runnin for the last few weeks (heck month). Her minis are holding up great!

I restyled the headband last Wed. This time I flat rope twisted it, a little somefin somefin I learned from Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care, see tutorial here (that Rory is ridonkulous). The hold was great with -0- tension. Practice makes perfect!!! Although I should have twisted in the opposite direction on the left side, towards the center, it still came out beautiful. Those suckers are holding shape, pretty excited about that!

Of course we remoisturized as we’ve done in the past and I resealed the ends framing her face and a few twists in the back to minimize frizz and to further protect the ends. Now looky here…

See that new growth?!?! OWEEE! Loves it. CLEARLY this causes for celebration *queue music* Ceeelebrate BIG HAIR, Come’On! Whew! These minis have come a mighty long way (a mighty long waaaaay)! We had a service to go to last Saturday and Gently braided her hair Friday evening and took down in the am for a beautiful wavy look. Too much going on for pics, but trust, it was gorg. Well, I am not EVEN gonna lie, I wanna keep these bad boys in another 2 weeks!!! But alas, I shan’t for fear of her hair locking on me. My intention is to trim her hair, take down her twists and restyle this weekend. Note, I said intention. We shall see lawd… Thanks for staying with us folks. If you are just joining us and would like to see our progress with this style, please see the initial Mini-Twist style, Week 1 update , Week 2 update and Weeks 3 & 4 update.

Go’Head Baby!

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