BBH BIG LAUNCH: We Didn’t Make It :”(

Please accept our apologies for the delay updating our readers as we suffered a great loss in the family during the last week of our BIG LAUNCH Kickstarter Campaign.  As you may already know, we were unsuccessful in reaching our goal for funding shirts.  Hhhhhhh. Yup, no “Hollywood” folks…we didn’t make it:( OHGAAA! *runs away in tears*  However, we were very successful in giving it  the BIG go with our best efforts:)  We are supasyked to have shared our vision with you all and put kids natural BIG HAIR on display for the world to see, EEK!

Many thanks to you all for supporting and believing in us.  Please believe we will continue to strive to get these shirts printed.  After receiving such great feedback we are determined more than ever to make this happen. As it stands, we will print each design one at a time and soon hope to few more, OOWEE!  We hope to start printing within the next few months. More info to come, TRUST. In the meantime, please feel free to share your favorite T-shirt. We’d love to hear from you! Just comment below.    Again, our sincerest, most grateful THANK YOU for supporting the Baby Big Hair BIG LAUNCH!  ~Chloe and Larry     


 Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!


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8 replies on “BBH BIG LAUNCH: We Didn’t Make It :”(

  • katie

    I LOVE the shirts!! I like all of them, it’s hard to narrow down my favorite. I’d like all three for my curly girl! Love your blog. It makes me laugh out loud every time you write out sound effects. So funny. Keep moving forward!!

  • chloe

    Hey Lachelle! I love that one too!! It was fun coming up with the different fair types… I cant wait to get that one printed. Thanks for commenting:)

  • chloe

    AWHHHH, thanks for the kind words!!! We certainly will, trust. We’re going to print bit by bit. Hopefully your curly girl will have them all by the end of the year, JEAH! *happy fingers* LOL!

  • chloe

    Hi Sara! We’ve had one eye on cafepress, but hope to work with a local company we were able to connect with through our launch efforts. We’re excited about at least 1 design printed in the near future, EEK! Thanks for commenting:)

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