Bonjour! As promised, we’re taking it alllllllll down in this post. Our moisturizing with extra virgin olive oil and It’s Perfectly Natural’s “Replenish” proved to be a hit. I only had to add a little conditioner to a few tough spots, so all in all, taking down her twists went pretty smoothly. Lets get to it, shall we?

Tools Used:

  • Fingers and Fingernails (buy some if you dont have any, LOL!!!..smh)
  • Wide toothed comb
  • Oil or Conditioner on hand for stubborn tangles (assuming you already moisturized)

The Process:

Grab a twist and focusing at the roots gently detangle with your fingers. We had a bit of new growth here…

Once you are able to separate the twists at the bottom, position your thumb/fingernail between the pieces, and begin to slide down the twist while turning the opposite direction you styled them with your other hand.

I always twist right over left, so when taking twist down, I twirl the end to my left while separating the strands with my thumb with my other hand. You can do this until you get to the very end of the bottom. OR, what I found is helpful, but only when you have a good slip, is when you are about 3/4’s down the twist with your thumb, stop and unravel the end of the twist just a bit as necessary and firmly hold the ends while gently pulling one of the strands like so…

You’ll feel the give at the bottom, and free up the strand you’re pulling so it will glide through..

Y ou should then have separated strands with delightful like twist out potential, like so…

OWEEE!!! But at last, we didn’t stop there as I was prepping for hairwashing the next a.m. BUT we do normally rock a twist out a few days before hair washing day, it’s a great way to have BIG HAIR; just remoisturize and gently twist or braid in large sections at night and twist out in the a.m. again. Anywho, I continued to detangle her separated twists with my fingers and then ran a wide toothed thru medium sized sections. Once completed, I twisted off each detangled section.


** Note, I gently worked thru those little irritating knots you can get towards the bottom with my hands. You can also use the end of a rat tailed comb to work it thru. If you can’t, snip snip! – but at an angle – this minimizes further damage to the hair** The entire take down process took me 3 hours O_O. BUT, for you mini-styled havin’ mommies out there, you know that is nothing when a style takes you 8 hours to put in…and you’ve gone almost 7 weeks without washing….and 3/4’s of all twists haven’t been restyled.. just chillin’ knotting up on ya. Lawd, what was I THINKING?!?! smh… LOL! I attribute such short time frame to well moisturizing her hair during the trimming process (extra virgin olive oil and It’s Perfectly Natural’s “Replenish” (a pre-treatment for washes)). Whelp, our total hair loss from the take down???

Not bad for 7 weeks and some tough detangling spots eh? I’ll take it!!! For those of you just joining us (welcome!), please see our related Mini-Twists Recap and Trimming posts to see how we maintained our twists for 6 weeks (lightweight was feenin’ for 8 weeks!!) and trimmed them. Now, can we have one last moment for our beloved, “me precious” Mini-Twist style ya’ll?


To our fabulous Mini-Twists, I want to say thank you. Thank you for hanging in there and giving this Mommy a much needed break in styling. You were faithful and kind to me, and never asked to0 much of me…. *queue music – but skip to the teary breathy part*And I….YES I (-that was the CeCe Winans in me), will always Loo-ooo-oove….Youuuuuuu” HHhhhhhhh :”'( OHGAAA!!

Go’Head Baby!

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