Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Ebone and her fierce lil’ two year old Evanna. HHhhhhh. Look at this baby, will you? ALLLLL that BIG HAIR!! OHGAA! Well, I had to chat down with Mommy to get the deets on that frotastic technique in achieving that mariculous BIG HAIR shine!! Let’s get to it shall we?

BBH: What is your hairwashing routine?
I wash Evanna’s hair when I feel like it needs shampooing. [BBH: Keep it simple lawd]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Evanna’s hair and how do you over come them?
The challenges for styling Evanna’s hair is hair styles do not last more that 3-4 days because her hair starts to tangle and it makes it hard to comb out. If I want her twists or braids to last more than a few days then I have to redo a few twists or braids every night.

[BBH: Get It Lil’BIG HAIR!]

BBH: How do you entertain Evanna when styling her hair?
When she is getting her hair styled she is either watching Sprout [BBH: Check], playing on her leap pad or my phone [BBH: Double check, electronic diversions nevah disappoint!]. She does not really get bored or anything and it is easy to comb her hair because she loves the “AFTER” [BBH: GLOREH! *insert spirit fingers* MM! The “AFTER” lawd, YES! Preach baby!] and if she does not like her hair she puts on her sad face and leaves the mirror, LOL!!!! Oh and when she does this I DO NOT redo her hair. [BBH: OH NO MOMMY! See THAT… is jokez in a basket!!][BBH: That’s right sweetie, come on down…into my PURSE!! Gimme dat baby!]

BBH: What are your fav products these days?
I did not want to spend a lot of products because I really would like to spend my money of other stuff 🙂 [BBH: *avoids eye contact* I mean.. what’s wrong with that? Hypothetically speaking, if one would partake in the occasional (orrrr maybe not so much) splurge of products for BIG HAIR? I mean..not that I WOULD, but you know, just sayin’ …what if??*shrugs shoulders* :/ LOL!]. Although, I did go through some products to see what worked for her and I realized that I did not need to spend a lot of money and buy all the products out there. For Evanna’s hair we mainly use Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. I use these daily in a mixture with a little Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioner to moisturize. When I detangle her hair, we mix spring water, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and conditioner as a detangler. [BBH: Noice] I use Shea Moisture shampoo for babies when I shampoo.

BBH: How does Evanna feel about her hair??
Evanna loves her hair, especially when it is down and she can whip her hair back in forth [BBH: And when she hits staaage she whips real harrrd ok I’m back]. She also loves twists because she can shake her hair and still wear her headbands that she usually breaks or tears apart 🙁 [BBH: You know what, my BBH is good for takin’ stuff out of her hair. As much as I love accessories, I just can’t invest much in them, but prrrroducts? LOL!]


BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles.
My favorite quick styles are Afro and a headband and two Afro pony tails. (although these are not my granny’s favorite because she feels if the hair is not twisted in pony tails it is not comb (old skool, LOL). [BBH: SEE! I KNOW!!! I used to get the side eye all the time!! THAT is why there is “Baby Big Hair”. BIG HAIR does not mean unkept. Now we go protective, because it is just that, protective. But just cuz she rocks BIG HAIR, does NOT mean I can’t do my baby’s hair. Do not get it twisted!! BIG HAIR is WORK!! HHHhhhhhh. Sawry, I went in for a bit didn’t I?… :/  Shooo bedda “fro” somebody!! (and send your pics to Baby Big Hair, LOL!)]

BBH: Last but not least, anything else you’d like to share?
You have to find products that work for you and your baby’s hair. You do not have to spend a lot of money on products [BBH: *cough*]. Oh and NO DRY HAIR!!!!! [BBH: Most definately!!] Evanna is my first child and she is two years old. She is always on the move therefore I am always surprise that she sits still to let me comb her hair. She is a hand full and I love every minute (side eye). She is really her own little person. Evanna’s like to be dressed up all the time and her favorite shoes are her patent leather loafers (she is so diva). I usually let her help me pick out her clothes so most times she is layered up, LOL!! I do not think she is going to like that layered look in this Texas Heat! Evanna also likes singing (she makes up her own songs), dancing and painting. [BBH: Awhh, sweet girl…]

Thanks for sharing Mommy Ebone and Evanna! OOWEE this baby is SUPAcute and all that delightful like BIG HAIR? FIYAH!! Mommy is too funny and keeps it real up in that joint. OHGAAA! These pics are taking me DOWN lawd (cuz that BIG HAIR ain’t arooound!!). Now is it just me or does babygirl have a TON of personality for a two year old?!?! Love her!! Mommy Ebone and Evanna….

Go’Head Baby!

I love this #HoodiesUp FROTO Pic shared by blogger Mommy Donna and her beautiful boys of @ThisNest. Prayers and thoughts are with Trayvon Martin’s family. May you be overcome by the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Share your froto hoodie pic with us and/or tweet your pic w/the #HoodiesUp hash tag on twitter. Also please follow Trayvon Martin’s mother @SybrinaFulton — who just joined twitter yesterday. BBH parents show your love and love on your babies. Tomorrow is never promised.


Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Rachel and her cutie pie guy Kingston. Now I am not gonna lie, it’s gonna get pretty downright biased up in here, cuz I LOVE me some Kingston, OK?!?! I get the pleasure of seeing this little man man every so often for Sunday school and he is a SUPACUTIE,!!! MmmMMM! And he’s a little baby genius too, blazing thru puzzles, letters and complex shapes like nobody’s business. Get it Kingston!! Hhhhhhh. I told you:) Best believe, I was more than happy to “chat down” with Mommy Rachel and get the scoop on all that angel BIG HAIR! Lets get to it shall we?

BBH: How do you keep Kingston’s hair moisturized?
I use a Paul Mitchell smoothing serum. [BBH: Officially on the list!]

BBH: How does Kingston feel about his hair?
Kingston likes his hair. He talks about his curly hair when he looks in the mirror. [BBH: Awwah, Kingsypoo!]
BBH: What are your fave styling products these days?
Paul Mitchell’s smoothing serum is awesome! [BBH, dont have to tell me twice!]

[BBH: There he is!!]

BBH: What are your thoughts on cutting his hair?
I do not wish to cut his hair anytime soon. He will be 3 years old in April, and we have never cut his hair. We will cut it when it is absolutely necessary. [BBH: I concur!! Let thy hair be BIG!!!]

Thanks Mommy Rachel and Kingston for participating!! Awhhhhh. Just so YUMMY that boy is!! See what I’m sayin?? Its just too much… If only ya’ll could see him in action lawd. HHhhhhh. That whispy BIG HAIR and pretty brown eyes (you know I see them)? Those cheeks?!? QUIT BREAKIN’ MY HEAAAAAAART! OK, imma stop myself, LOL! Mommy Rachel and Kingston…
Go’Head Baby!!

What’s up everybody. Long time no write. Hey we found a gem for you Daddy’s Corner readers – Allen and Brandon Get a Haircut. Yes, these two big haired 3-year old brothers get there hair cut for the first time. Did I mention that they have had some seriously BIG HAIR!?!? First haircuts can be a BIG deal and you can imagine that bigger the hair, the bigger the deal!

As you can see one of the young fellas was a little more into the hair cutting session, while the other was still rocking’ his big hair afterwards. Check out the video and tell us what you think.

(Warning: some BIG HAIR lovers may find this video to be too stressful too watch)


Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Danette and her fabulous BBH, Kenadee Skye. First off, that name is straight fiyah ain’t it? And OWEE, this girl’s got BIG personality to go with that BIG HAIR, EEK! Well, we had the opportunity to “chat down” with Mommy to get the 411 on that little supastar:) Lets get to it, shall we?

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
I wash Kenadee’s hair every other week! [BBH: BAM! There you have it…]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Kenadee Skye’s hair and how do you over come them?
The challenges I have with her hair is always combing it out! So I always use a good conditioner or moisturizer to help over come those problems. [BBH: Ah yes, the ‘donce’ (dance) of the detangled…]

BBH: How do you entertain Kenadee Skye when styling her hair?
When styling her hair Kenadee wears alot of Afro Puffs because I don’t like to use a lot of heat on her hair only when she has certain photo shoots that require her to have her hair straight when she does her modeling gigs. But other than that I usually let her hair air dry after I wash and condition it and put a good moisturizer on.

BBH: What are your fav products these days?
My favorite products I love love love is Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Products especially the HAIR PUDDING “love it”! But I use their whole line of products shampoo, conditioner and etc. [BBH: Uhhhhhuh..yup, straight Replenishing Pak up in this joint!]

BBH: How does Kenadee Skye feel about her hair??
Kenadee loves her natural hair but always says “Mommy don’t use the comb, only the brush”. Can I say tender headed!!!! [BBH: Awhhh, poor baby:(]

BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles.
We just love big hair and her eight year old sister has big hair too. [BBH: ..And baby awhllll thiiiis frooooo, is waiting for youuuuu (my baby….my BIG HAIRZ)]

BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general or experiences.
My tip is to always use a good moisturizer when rocking natural hair because it can easily get dry, and keeping it moisturized will keep it healthy! [BBH: you aint nevah lied!!!] Thanks for highlighting my baby!

Awhhhhh, thank you Mommy Danette and Kenadee Skye for participating!! Owee, lawd that child is too much!! That pic right there ^^^ worth a thousand words!! and her BIG HAIR looks so soft and lush!! Oh yes, Mommy is doing something right fro’sho! Whelp, thanks for tuning in, till next time…

Go Head Baby!

You know I love me some BIG HAIR on the babies!! Well actually, I love all things BIG HAIR for the babies!! Like these amazing online finds:

Afro Coin Purses by Bottle of Clouds

Thanks to Aisha of Braid With Me for finding those suckerz, CUTE!

African Queen Dress by The Little Tickle Boutique


Blonde BIG HAIR by Goody Blythe (actually its called a Blond Blythe Wig for Blythe Dolls)

EEK, Love her!!

Magnetic Little Darlings by SoapBox Theory

Aren’t these delightful like? BBH LOVES magnets!!

Pepper Doll by Dolls Like Me

A MUST for my lil BBH. Hhhh… BTW, This store has amazing products for all little BBH’s!!

OWEE! Well that was fun. ‘Till next time..

Go’Head Baby!!


Ni Hao! 🙂 Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Carmen and her sweet lil angel “S”. Isn’t this baby just a basket of cuteness?!?! OWEE! When I saw a pic of this baby I went IIIIINNNNN, “IN” I tell ya on those lucious, beautiful curls. Well Mommy Carmen has been gracious enough to “chat down” with us and give the play by play on achieving such curlicious moisturized bliss!! Let’s get to it, shall we?

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
It’s pretty simple. I wash S’s hair once a week using a sulfate-free shampoo, then condition and detangle. If I’m planning to braid her hair, I’ll rinse out the conditioner, apply a leave-in, and band her hair. If I’m planning to have her wear it down and out, I’ll leave the conditioner in and define each curl individually using the Tightly Curly method, and let it air-dry. [BBH: YESSSS! TC Method all the way up in this joint!!]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling S’s hair and how do you over come them?
Being a straight-haired Asian woman myself, there was definitely a learning curve for me when it came to caring for and styling curly hair. But thankfully I found great blogs like Beads, Braids and Beyond, Happy Girl Hair, and of course, BABY BIG HAIR! [BBH: Aww shucks *looks away embarrassed*] After much practice (and more than a few glasses of wine) I’ve actually become pretty decent at braiding!

[BBH: I see you Mommy w/that Sunday Style. Twist and braids combo?!?! GET IT!]

BBH: How do you entertain S when styling her hair?
Ah, that is all handled by my friends Kai Lan, Dora, Diego, Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee, Plex, and DJ Lance. [BBH: YO GABBA GABBA YO!! See… that’s what’s up!!]. And on days when I just cannot handle hearing yet another freakin’ dancey-dance, I get my iPod out and listen to podcasts when I braid. That way, both baby and mama are entertained! [BBH: O_o! Now THAT is GENIUS! Ooo, I could get my Rosetta Stone on!! Parlez vous Francais? Hmmmmm…]

BBH: What are your fave products these days?
I went through a bit of a product junkie phase, like many of us have. [BBH: *cough!!* Who? Who you talkin’ bout?? *looks around* LOL!!] But now that the dust has settled, these are the products I’ve found to work best for S’s hair texture:

    • Shampoo: Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream
    • Conditioner: Aussie Moist
    • Light Leave-In: Curly Q Milkshake
    • Thicker Moisturizer: Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer (I use this mainly for the ends of her braids)
    • Moisturizing Spritz: After trying many different brands, I’ve found that I like my homemade one the best. I use aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil, water, and a few drops of grapefruit essential oil to create a nice, clean scent. [BBH: OOOOooooooOOOOOOWEEEEEE!!! Whew! *shakes the product junkie off* PJ GET BEHIND THEE!!]

How does S feel about her hair??
Overall, I think she feels very positively about her hair. Some days she’ll be really interested in the process, wanting to dip her finger in the jar of product to “help mommy,” and insisting on looking in the mirror to see the end result. And then on other days she couldn’t care less! So I think that’s a healthy balance:) [BBH: Awhhhhh:) That much hair at that age? You may want consider putting her to work for real, LOL!] One thing I do worry about as she gets older is that she gets *too* much attention for her hair. I’m really wary of her getting the message that the most valuable thing about her is her appearance, as opposed to her intellect, capabilities, or character traits. So I’m figuring out how to balance between making sure she feels positive about how she looks, and helping her understand that her worth goes far beyond her appearance. [BBH: Welllll! You bedda preach up in here Mommy Carmen!! Ain’t that the truth Ruth?!?! Especially for our little girls. HHhhhhh. So true, and it is a challenge. Same boat over here…]

BBH: Tips or fav “quick” styles and/or wearing the big hair “out”? In terms of wearing her big hair out, I’ve found after experimenting with lots of different products that the Tightly Curly method works best for S’s hair texture.You can read/watch about it here: http://tightlycurly.com/resources/videos/ But basically the idea is that you keep the hair soaking wet, you don’t rinse out the conditioner, and you define each individual curl by running your thumb and index finger along the whole strand from root to end. Then let it air dry completely (so don’t start the process at night or it’ll get messed up when she sleeps). It’s definitely a bit time-consuming, but I love the results. [BBH: YES!! Def our “go to” method for defined BIG HAIR!! Works everytime, TC in the houuuuuuse!] Her hair ends up bouncy and soft and defined, without any of the crunchiness you get by using some other products like gels. I also find that it gets much less tangled than when I use other methods. And I can easily get not just second [uhp!]- or third-day hair [Uh-oh!]-, but sometimes even fourth- or fifth-day hair! [BBH: EEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAY! *does dance* Thank ya TC Method, Thank Ya!!] Plus, you can save $$ because you don’t need any fancy, expensive natural hair products! Cheapo drugstore conditioners work well. You can check the Tightly Curly site for her recommended brands. [BBH: MMhhmm, sho’ you right. She also has a fabulous dictionary for ingredients typically found in hair products (see the BBH Hair Guide)]

BBH: Lastly, I’m sure you get A LOT of second looks with all those curls! 🙂 Any experiences or other information you’d like to share??
When we’re out and about, we often get the “you’re so lucky you have ‘good’ hair!” thing, which is always awkward to respond to. Not being black myself, I don’t think it’s my place to launch into abig lecture about how all hair is good hair, and that we need to let go of the eurocentric idea of beauty. [BBH: Girl do you wanna guest post on this blog?!? PREACH, ok?!?!] But I also don’t want to let the issue go unaddressed in front of S. If you or your readers have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them! [BBH: I find it helpful when the little ones deliver the message. Folk face doesn’t ‘crack’ as much:/ You can have her respond, “Thank you! All hair is good” and plant that seed right on in… Hhhhh, people:/]

Thank you Mommy Carmen and Lil “S” for participating!! …..NOW-IT’S-TIME-TO-DANCE!! LOL! I jus’playin’ Mommy, I jus’ playin:) HHHHhhhhhhh. Golly isn’t that baby just YUMMY? Looking all supasweet and cherub like!! GIMME THOSE CHEEKS!! And alllllllll that hair! OHGAAA! I love how Mommy Carmen is self taught and “gets” the issues surrounding “good hair/bad hair”. It’s such a sensitive subject and she is spot on in needing to nip it before that sweet baby starts getting the wrong message. What say you BBH parents, any pointers?!? Well this has been a a very informative and thought provoking Blast! Mommy Carmen and lil “S”…

Go Head Baby!!

[image source: The House of Fabulous]

Lovin’ the signature BIG HAIR on this up and coming young actress. Making her feature film debut in the 2009 film Terminator Salvation, and soon to star in her own tv show “The Jadagrace Show“, Jadagrace is most ‘def one to watch. She’s also an aspiring singer and dancer with skillz honed by none other than the great Debbie Allen (LOVE HER!!) via The Debbie Allen Dance Academy. Check out her latest video, Gimme My Money:

OWEE! Somebody is payin’ in sweat (**FAME**)!! This child is simply FABROCIOUS!!! You can get the deets on this rising star at www.jadagrace.com. Until next time, Ms Jadagrace…

Go’Head Baby!

p.s. Shout out to Mommy Diana who posted the vid on our FB Wall last week, Jeah!

Hey BBH Fam! Remember our Mini Twists Recap post w/ the spoiler pic of BBH’s “holding style” for hair washing day after the “BIG Take Down“? Uhuh -yup, the jumbo looking twists? Whelp, we’re gonna break Ghana Plaits (some also refer to them as twists) down a little further in this post.

Tools Used:

  • Fave styling product or moisturizer
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Something to part with
  • Black Weaving Thread (or if you can find in any color similar to hair, use that)
  • Rubber bands (*optional as the rubber bands were experimental in this post, see disclaimer)
After moisturizing and detangling hair with fingers, wide tooth comb, I parting off sections and gathered hair to make medium to large sized ponytails. Now historically I’ve done this style on small to medium ponies, but after hours of taking down her hair I was tiRED, OK?!? So I decided to try them on the larger side. Back to business. There are 3 major steps to Ghana Plaits or what is also called “Threading”. Let’s get to it shall we?

1) Wrap and Secure the Base
Cut a piece of thread about double – three times the length of hair to be safe, you can always cut access later.

    • Make a small knot at one end of your weave thread, you can cut the extra thread above the knot now, but I like to leave it in case the knot slips so I can find it easily.
    • Secure the pony at the base with one hand (ideally if your right-handed, your left, and vice versa).
    • With your free hand, slip the end of the knot under your thumb.
    • Keep the placement of the knot secure with your thumb.
    • Wrap thread around the base of pony with your free hand (similar to an “under and over” movement) making sure you are wrapping over the knot that is secured by your thumb a few times and then gently pull taunt. Trick is to wrap slightly under the knot when securing the base, so that the knot “catches the thread” when you gently pull. Pay close attention to how tight you are pulling so not to cause tension on the scalp and/or breakage.
    • Once secured, I like to smooth the hair again with a brush or a wide-tooth comb with my free hand.
2) Bound or Wrap the Hair
    • You will do this in the same direction as you have done your base. Once you feel your base is secured, head one down that pony towards the end.
      • If you want to thread for the sole purpose of stretching the hair, I recommend to bound the hair with a much closer wrap. You can always do a fun updo and “bind” your style into place with additional weave thread.
      • If you want to achieve a more “twisted” look, wrap with a bit more separation, all the way to this “jumbo” look.
3) Secure the Ends
    • Wrap/bind in a similar fashion as you did the base. This time, secure with a small slip knot; careful not to accidentally tie in with hair.
    • snip off access weave string.
    • 2 strand twist the ends for a nice finished look.
I am by no means an expert on this technique, as such, I struggle with loose weave strings on occasion. This time, I reinforced the base and the ends with small black rubberbands. This seemed to help, but kind of defeats the purpose. It is “threading” after all, not “threbanding”!! Smh… I’m sure with more practice, I won’t feel the need to use them.
Why I Like Threading
  • Fairly easy to do and is not your everyday twist style.
  • It’s quick, supaquick once you get that base secure.
  • It stretches hair, much like banding. The smaller the pony and the tighter the bind as you wrap, the better for stretching. See how long BBH’s hair is in my prior threading post with smaller ponies compared to these jumbo plaits in large ponies, almost a year later.
  • Done right it can last you for days and re-moisturizing is very simple, just spritz and pat your oils/moisturizes in.
  • “Thread Out” potential is FAB, especially on smaller ponies!

For more on threading see posts by Chocolate Hair Vanilla Hair and Une Autre Naturelle. Here is Une Autre Naturelle’s How to Create Ghana Plaits – Stretch Hair w/o Heat video: Here she ends her plaits with two knots, which may solve my loose thread problem (I just do one). Also, her base knots are bigger than mine, EUREKA!! Owee, I just had a break thru, THANKYA *does dance*! Now WATCH ‘DIS, WATCH ‘DIS, WATCH ‘DIS…..

BEAUTIMUS!! Now I would like to note that our jumbo plaits did not last nearly as long as smaller plaits done in the past. Jumbos are perfect for a quick Sunday style, but all week long at school??? Not so much:/ Anywho, try it… you might like it!!
Go’Head Baby, Go Threading!