Hey BBH Fam! Remember our Mini Twists Recap post w/ the spoiler pic of BBH’s “holding style” for hair washing day after the “BIG Take Down“? Uhuh -yup, the jumbo looking twists? Whelp, we’re gonna break Ghana Plaits (some also refer to them as twists) down a little further in this post.

Tools Used:

  • Fave styling product or moisturizer
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Something to part with
  • Black Weaving Thread (or if you can find in any color similar to hair, use that)
  • Rubber bands (*optional as the rubber bands were experimental in this post, see disclaimer)
After moisturizing and detangling hair with fingers, wide tooth comb, I parting off sections and gathered hair to make medium to large sized ponytails. Now historically I’ve done this style on small to medium ponies, but after hours of taking down her hair I was tiRED, OK?!? So I decided to try them on the larger side. Back to business. There are 3 major steps to Ghana Plaits or what is also called “Threading”. Let’s get to it shall we?

1) Wrap and Secure the Base
Cut a piece of thread about double – three times the length of hair to be safe, you can always cut access later.

    • Make a small knot at one end of your weave thread, you can cut the extra thread above the knot now, but I like to leave it in case the knot slips so I can find it easily.
    • Secure the pony at the base with one hand (ideally if your right-handed, your left, and vice versa).
    • With your free hand, slip the end of the knot under your thumb.
    • Keep the placement of the knot secure with your thumb.
    • Wrap thread around the base of pony with your free hand (similar to an “under and over” movement) making sure you are wrapping over the knot that is secured by your thumb a few times and then gently pull taunt. Trick is to wrap slightly under the knot when securing the base, so that the knot “catches the thread” when you gently pull. Pay close attention to how tight you are pulling so not to cause tension on the scalp and/or breakage.
    • Once secured, I like to smooth the hair again with a brush or a wide-tooth comb with my free hand.
2) Bound or Wrap the Hair
    • You will do this in the same direction as you have done your base. Once you feel your base is secured, head one down that pony towards the end.
      • If you want to thread for the sole purpose of stretching the hair, I recommend to bound the hair with a much closer wrap. You can always do a fun updo and “bind” your style into place with additional weave thread.
      • If you want to achieve a more “twisted” look, wrap with a bit more separation, all the way to this “jumbo” look.
3) Secure the Ends
    • Wrap/bind in a similar fashion as you did the base. This time, secure with a small slip knot; careful not to accidentally tie in with hair.
    • snip off access weave string.
    • 2 strand twist the ends for a nice finished look.
I am by no means an expert on this technique, as such, I struggle with loose weave strings on occasion. This time, I reinforced the base and the ends with small black rubberbands. This seemed to help, but kind of defeats the purpose. It is “threading” after all, not “threbanding”!! Smh… I’m sure with more practice, I won’t feel the need to use them.
Why I Like Threading
  • Fairly easy to do and is not your everyday twist style.
  • It’s quick, supaquick once you get that base secure.
  • It stretches hair, much like banding. The smaller the pony and the tighter the bind as you wrap, the better for stretching. See how long BBH’s hair is in my prior threading post with smaller ponies compared to these jumbo plaits in large ponies, almost a year later.
  • Done right it can last you for days and re-moisturizing is very simple, just spritz and pat your oils/moisturizes in.
  • “Thread Out” potential is FAB, especially on smaller ponies!

For more on threading see posts by Chocolate Hair Vanilla Hair and Une Autre Naturelle. Here is Une Autre Naturelle’s How to Create Ghana Plaits – Stretch Hair w/o Heat video: Here she ends her plaits with two knots, which may solve my loose thread problem (I just do one). Also, her base knots are bigger than mine, EUREKA!! Owee, I just had a break thru, THANKYA *does dance*! Now WATCH ‘DIS, WATCH ‘DIS, WATCH ‘DIS…..

BEAUTIMUS!! Now I would like to note that our jumbo plaits did not last nearly as long as smaller plaits done in the past. Jumbos are perfect for a quick Sunday style, but all week long at school??? Not so much:/ Anywho, try it… you might like it!!
Go’Head Baby, Go Threading!
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