BBH Blast XXVII: Kingston

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Rachel and her cutie pie guy Kingston. Now I am not gonna lie, it’s gonna get pretty downright biased up in here, cuz I LOVE me some Kingston, OK?!?! I get the pleasure of seeing this little man man every so often for Sunday school and he is a SUPACUTIE,!!! MmmMMM! And he’s a little baby genius too, blazing thru puzzles, letters and complex shapes like nobody’s business. Get it Kingston!! Hhhhhhh. I told you:) Best believe, I was more than happy to “chat down” with Mommy Rachel and get the scoop on all that angel BIG HAIR! Lets get to it shall we?

BBH: How do you keep Kingston’s hair moisturized?
I use a Paul Mitchell smoothing serum. [BBH: Officially on the list!]

BBH: How does Kingston feel about his hair?
Kingston likes his hair. He talks about his curly hair when he looks in the mirror. [BBH: Awwah, Kingsypoo!]
BBH: What are your fave styling products these days?
Paul Mitchell’s smoothing serum is awesome! [BBH, dont have to tell me twice!]

[BBH: There he is!!]

BBH: What are your thoughts on cutting his hair?
I do not wish to cut his hair anytime soon. He will be 3 years old in April, and we have never cut his hair. We will cut it when it is absolutely necessary. [BBH: I concur!! Let thy hair be BIG!!!]

Thanks Mommy Rachel and Kingston for participating!! Awhhhhh. Just so YUMMY that boy is!! See what I’m sayin?? Its just too much… If only ya’ll could see him in action lawd. HHhhhhh. That whispy BIG HAIR and pretty brown eyes (you know I see them)? Those cheeks?!? QUIT BREAKIN’ MY HEAAAAAAART! OK, imma stop myself, LOL! Mommy Rachel and Kingston…
Go’Head Baby!!
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