So, from last week’s Product Review post featuring Hair Love by Curly Canadians, you already know how I feel.  Stuff is reeeal grrrreat!  I was able to maintain BBH’s twist out for a few days using the Hair Love.  I read about Beads Braids and Beyond’s braided roots and twist style she recently did on her daughter (look but come back ya’ll, LOL!) and I thought what a great way to maintain twist outs!!  See, I love the wave pattern from braids, but I get the best “out” finishes on her ends w/twists; GAAA, PERFECT!  So I rubbed a little “Hair Love” in my hands and gently braided her twist “outed” hair (is that a word?) in large sections and twisted the ends for a nice clean finish like so:

Check out these chunkeh monkehs!!

We covered overnight with our satin cap.  Next am, we had this!


 *Does dance and lap around styling chair*  Her twist out was elongated and looked fuller each time we did this.  MMhmmm… Slap in a bow and you’re good to go! EEEK!!

Go’Head Baby!


Love me some Thandie Newton! But I REALLY love all that BIG HAIR her babies Ripley (11) and Nico (7) have. OWEE! look at that golden BIG HAIR! Thandie has recently gone natural herself. Here’s what she had to say about her hairspiration, her beautiful girls:


“I always thought I would go back to curly, because I didn’t want my daughters to judge their beautiful curls. I assumed they want to be like their Mum, and they’ve only ever known me with straight hair,” says Newton.

We dont want those Baby Big Hairz to judge those beautiful curls either! Thandie Newton, Ripley and Nico..

Go’Head Baby!

And the winner of the Little Tickle Boutique African Queen Dress ($29.99 value) is *drum roll…..*

Yey! Congratulations Michelle G!   Thanks to Little Tickle Boutique for sponsoring and everyone who participated!! Please be sure to stop by the Little Tickle Boutique Etsy store and FBpage for more amazing dresses and styles.  Stay tuned as there will be more to come from Baby Big Hair.  Until then…

Go ‘Head Baby!

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Charisse and her GORGEOUS daughter Sanai. Mommy Charisse submitted a froto for our Fan Page and I LOST IT! What in da world? Continue reading →

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OOO-to-the-WEEEE! Trust me when I say I was supastoked when I was given the opportunity to review this FABULOUS African Queen dress by Little Tickle Boutique. I about squealed when I got the message. I remember like yesterday seeing a pic of that bad boy in my FB newsfeed, I went off! Well, Mommy Laura contacted me weeks later with the opportunity to review it and of course I said YES TO THE DRESS!! And now that we have it, we just heart, Heart, HEART IT!! The print is to die for!! Let’s get to it shall we?!?! EEEK! Here is a little something about Mommy Laura and Little Tickle Boutique (LTB) from the LTB Etsy Store:

My name is Laura, I am the designer and creator of the custom made clothing here in my shop. I get my inspiration from my sweet children, Victor and Sophia. I love to create items that are not only for special occasions but also comfy enough for daily trips to the park, daycare, or visit to grandmas house… I hope you find something special for your little love.

Awhhh! We love mommies doing their thing! Don’t the babies inspires us all?!?!?


Well first things first, I’ve got to share how this beauty came to us. Ya’ll know I am a sucker for some cute packaging. One can only imagine how excited I was to open my package to see this:

Game over!!! LOL! just playin’. But I did manage to perfectly slide the dress out from the ribbon for BBH try it on for size and totally repackaged it; issues, I know… Just thought this was a really nice touch. The back of the card briefly addresses garment care. Now let’s see what we have here:

African Queen Dress

      • Price: $29.99 plus shipping
      • Available Sizes/Fit: 6 months to 6 years. Note – dress was true to size. Not too short, not too long, neckline and sleeves were PERFECT!
      • Quality: Very good. Nice clean hem lines and sturdy cotton material.
      • Durability/Care Instructions: Very sturdy fabric. Does not wrinkle easily. My guess is that’s 100% cotton. Garment should be washed on gentle cycle in cold water, inside out.
      • Versatility: Very versatile. It’s casual enough to pair with sandals but fancy enough for tights and little patent shoes. Has that church-eat-play factor where you dont feel the need to pack extra clothes for the day.

Seriously? This dress is SUPACUTE! BBH was so excited to wear it. She likes it because “it’s a Baby Big Hair with LIPSTICK”, lol! I love how from a distance it looks like a modern flower pattern, but as you approach it, BAM! BIG HAIR!! How fitting for any BBH!! She twirled, she jumped, she was just comfortable in it all day long. Note the contrasting sleeves, which is a nice touch and a bit unexpected. We received many compliments on Easter and while out and about on our FROTO shoot. EEEK! I LOVE THIS DRESS!!

African Queen Bow

      • Price: To be determined (see below)
      • Available Sizes/Fit: Made to order. We wanted ours BIG, and I mean BIG, and that’s how we got it lawd!
      • Quality: Good. Even though I ripped that sucker open to remove the batting, it still held its shape.
      • Durability/Care Instructions: Same as above.
      • Versatility: Very versatile. Wear it, or don’t wear it! Fluff it up, or wear it relaxed. Plop it on top of BIG HAIR or off to the side.

OHGAAA! Ok so there is a back story here. When we received the dress, I was immediately IN LOVE! But within 24 hours I was craving a bow. Then one morning, I literally woke up thinking about a BIG BOW for all that BIG HAIR! I just couldn’t shake it, so I emailed Laura with my request. And she obliged!! I about fell out when I saw the pic she sent when it was completed (see below pic). Initially she had some batting in it to make it fuller, but with all this BIG HAIR going on over here, I decided to remove it as you see in the above pic (note openings where I took the batting out). Here it is as it was originally made…

It also came with a barrette type clasp in the back, but I removed that as well as you’ll note in the above pic. I thought a headband would be more versatile. I simply glued felt to the back and left an opening so I could slide the bow into position as needed on a slim headband.

In Summary
We LOVE this dress and bow. The print is fabulous for obvious reasons and the dress design is nice, classic and comfy. Baby Big Hair felt like a queen in her Queen dress. OWEEE! Dont miss the upcoming FROTO shoot!! Please be sure to stop by Little Tickle Boutique’s FaceBook Page and tell her we sent you!! Until then, Little Tickle Boutique…

Go’Head Baby!

**UPDATE- COUPON NO LONGER VALID** A while back I was contacted by Ms. Denise Jackson of Its Perfectly Natural (IPN) to review her line of products. I’ve been tearing it up ever since!! Let me first say that Ms. Jackson is a sweet as pie and such a pleasure to work with.  She is very passionate about hair care and her products. Her motto is “Necessity gives birth to creation.”  She herself was natural a with excessive hair loss and “needed relief.. FAST”, thus her line of products.   I just heart anyone that is walking in their true passion.   This review consist of IPN’s 2 most popular products, Replenish and Turn Me Loose Leave In Conditioner/Detangler.  Well, lets get right to it shall we?

From the It’s Perfectly Natural website:

At It’s Perfectly Natural we try to stay as close to nature as possible so we never use harsh ingredients that will strip your hair of moisture or nutrients. We do not “whip” our products with air during processing so what you get is thick, rich healthy hair products that will help you to cleanse, condition, grow and moisturize your natural hair.


Replenish/PreWash Treatment

Ingredients: Organic Shea , Coco and Avocado Butters, Botanically Infused Oils, Silk Amino Acids, Honey Quat, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Peppermint oil, Lavender, Vitamin E , Special Blend Of Herbs, Natural Preservative

  • Price: $10.00 for 4oz. tub. This price seems high but a little product goes a long way.  I’ve used this more than any other IPN product for months and I still have more than half left.
  • Smell: Not super strong, but very distinct.  Just “all natural smelling”, best I can describe it.
  • Consistency:  This is a solid product that melts in your hand, much like shea butter.

I used this on BBH’s hair the night before hairwashing day.  Because it is solid, I was a bit surprised at the slip I was getting.  It was very easy to detangle her hair with my fingers.  It kinda acts like a butter on contact, just melts away.  Her hair was well moisturized and had lots of sheen.  I’ve song the praises of this product most recently in our Mini-Twists Take Down, Hair Trimming  and Jumbo Ghana Plaits posts, EEK!  The added slip also made the shampoo process easier.

Turn Me Loose Leave-In Conditioner /Detangler.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Juice, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Vegetable Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Pro-Vitamin B5, Meadow foam Oil , Black Willow Bark Extract, Rosemary and Neem Oil, Natural Preservative

  • Price: $9 for 4 fl. oz. bottle.  This could get pricey for BIG HAIR, see below.
  • Smell: Light fresh clean smell on the lemony side.
  • Consistency:  Lotion type of consistency, but very light on contact with hair, which I REALLY like.

I applied this to her hair after shampooing.  When I say I applied this, I mean the entire bottle!!  OWEE this child has some BIG HAIR!  At first I was spraying but eventually I took the top of and placed the product in the palm of my hand and applied to her hair that way. I was able to detangle quite easily with by fingers and wide toothed comb. I really liked it. I applied in sections and placed into large knots.  Her hair was so fresh and so clean-clean and ready for styling:)

In Summary:

Loving these all natural products.  The Replenish goes a  looooooooong way.  And I’m talking a looooong way.  I’ve used this for months on all that BIG HAIR and still have more than half.  Me likey.  I also love the fact that I can prep her hair for washing without it looking filmy. So I dont have to wait until the night before hairwashing day to apply.   TRUST, little things like that simplfy my life.  Turn Me Loose was great too (I just love that name).  Not as much slip as my staple Leave-In – but mind you, our staple is not as natural/made from scratch as this line.   I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was for me to detangle.

Turn Me Loose could’ve come in a gallon with a handle, LOL!  That is BIG HAIR for you, LOL!  The 4 oz bottle I was given to review was completely gone by the end of our 1st hairwashing:(  If your baby has little BIG HAIR you may find the 4 oz bottle more lasting. BUT please note, this product does come in an 8 oz bottle for $17.00, so  you can ‘turn it loose’ liberally on that BIG HAIR:)

Overall, very pleased with the above products  Of the two, Replenish is my FAVE due to how it nourishes her hair AND it lasts fo’DAYZ!!! And it gets better.  Ms. Denise has been gracious enough to offer our BBH readers 20% OFF lawd – OWEE!!  That’s right.  20% off your entire order.  I highly suggest you put that there Replenish at the top of your order list.

HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR 20% OFF COUPON (Offer ends 4/25):

Click and Cut-n-Paste Me!!

  • Go to the It’s Perfectly Natural Store 
  • Check out the Store and get your order ready
  • Email your order and the above coupon (cut and paste) to (click the coupon to email)
  • Enjoy your discounted product!!

EEK!  We are so delighted to present these products and discount offer to you!!  Many thanks to Ms. Denise and her ever so “perfectly natural” line, It’s Perfectly Natural, Jeah!

Go’Head Baby!!
*Baby Big Hair was given the above products free of charge and with no incentive to offer a favorable review*

Hi! Golly it’s been a grip hasn’t it? Ya’ll ok? It’s been a crazy last 60+ days but what is new? Bear with me as we get caught up. Anywho, we’ve been in protective mode since or jumbo Ghana plaits, with medium sized twists and twist outs between styles. Here I removed the threading from her plaits and working with the parts already intact, I twisted small to medium twists all over her head. One of my fave twist outs are what we call ‘Twist and Flex Outs’ from curling twists. I’ve posted on how to achieve curly braids or twists using pipecleaners in the past, but I wanted to share how equally beautiful twisty curls can be with flexi-rods. Quite simple. Lets get to it….

You can find flexi-rods relatively cheap at any beauty store and in a variety of sizes. The ones in the above pic are small and I’ve had them for at least a year, if not slightly more. Now watch ‘dis, watch dis’…
  • dampen the hair with a light spritz. Pat in some oil and your fave styling product. Heck add a little gel, wont hurt..
  • braid or twist the twists together in enough sections for your flexirods. Use more rods on smaller sections for tighter coils and the reverse for larger loose curls.
  • Wrap around flexirod and and bend flexi rod into a secured position.
  • Cover with satin cap (if night time).

Take those bad boys down next day for soft luscious curls. BTW, we receive the best “outs” when her hair is completely dry (at least 12 hours).

Further separate the twists for an amazing twist out! BAM!!

I fluffed her twist out a little and we were out the door. We did a lot of ripping and running so we had full BIG HAIR by the end of the day, check it:

There you have it, our “Twist and Flex Out”. EEK! BIG HAIR!! #LOVES!

Go’Head Baby!