Just a quick share of a few BIG HAIR favs you can still pull off for your Sunday Style. 1st up, the Curly Fro. See  our post and Tutorial by Lisa Akbari (about 1/2 into the video):

2nd, the Defined Fro, as achieved with a defining curl gel as our product review here.  Also you’ll find Kinky Curly’s application video pretty helpful:

3rd, and for a little Baby Big Hairz, Coiling. See our coiling post here:

4th is one of our all time fave, the Frohawk with Chunky Buns, EEK!  see post here:

Our you can do BIG HAIR with a fun head band like this online find favorite:

Or one of our own favorite headband styles from previous BBH posts like the zigzag headband. Supacute and easy with BIG HAIR or twists:

Of course Powapuffs are always a hit:)

If your Baby Big Hair is in a protective style, try curling them for a fun texture.  This can be done with braids or twists as in our post here.

And as demonstrated in our BBH ‘Wavy Braids’ video below:

Lastly, in a pinch grab just BOW THAT FRO for something fabulous!!  EEK!  Have a blessed weekend!!

Go’Head Baby!!



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