Twist and Flex Out!!

Hi! Golly it’s been a grip hasn’t it? Ya’ll ok? It’s been a crazy last 60+ days but what is new? Bear with me as we get caught up. Anywho, we’ve been in protective mode since or jumbo Ghana plaits, with medium sized twists and twist outs between styles. Here I removed the threading from her plaits and working with the parts already intact, I twisted small to medium twists all over her head. One of my fave twist outs are what we call ‘Twist and Flex Outs’ from curling twists. I’ve posted on how to achieve curly braids or twists using pipecleaners in the past, but I wanted to share how equally beautiful twisty curls can be with flexi-rods. Quite simple. Lets get to it….

You can find flexi-rods relatively cheap at any beauty store and in a variety of sizes. The ones in the above pic are small and I’ve had them for at least a year, if not slightly more. Now watch ‘dis, watch dis’…
  • dampen the hair with a light spritz. Pat in some oil and your fave styling product. Heck add a little gel, wont hurt..
  • braid or twist the twists together in enough sections for your flexirods. Use more rods on smaller sections for tighter coils and the reverse for larger loose curls.
  • Wrap around flexirod and and bend flexi rod into a secured position.
  • Cover with satin cap (if night time).

Take those bad boys down next day for soft luscious curls. BTW, we receive the best “outs” when her hair is completely dry (at least 12 hours).

Further separate the twists for an amazing twist out! BAM!!

I fluffed her twist out a little and we were out the door. We did a lot of ripping and running so we had full BIG HAIR by the end of the day, check it:

There you have it, our “Twist and Flex Out”. EEK! BIG HAIR!! #LOVES!

Go’Head Baby!





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