Bonjour!!  So, a while back I won a 2oz jar of Curly Canadians “Hair Love” from a random twitter follower drawing, eek!  Free product lawd, JEAH!  I found it to be a really nice product and wanted to share my experience with it to date.  So lets jump right on in, shall we? First, a lil’something about Curly Canadians from the their website:

CurlyCanadians was founded by Jason & Althea in the fall of 2011. CurlyCanadians is an online destination for naturally curly-haired Canadians in need of a place to discuss how to care for curly hair and to purchase specialty hair care products.  We sell the best of the market to the North American consumer online. In addition, CurlyCanadians provides information about straight, wavy, coily and afrokinky hair to Canadians from all walks of life.

Our aim is to celebrate the hair that grows out of our heads.  Just as our hair was created by nature, so should be the products we use to care for them.  People from all walks of are invited to share tips & tricks, stories of their own hair care journey and to encourage those who have been affected by hair discrimination


So, let me just say, as a winner of this product, I got the deets QUICK!  And the staff (Althea) was just a doll.  I explained to her  that my baby had some BIG HAIR and I wasn’t sure bout 2oz of anythang!  Not that I wouldn’t accept free product, LOL!  I was just sayin… Anywho, she assured me that Hair Love goes a long way.  I was also forwarded a real nice informative Q & A regarding the product, so by the time I received that joint, I was supasyked!!!  Here we go…

Ingredients: beeswax, unrefined organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, sea buckthorn berry oil, vanilla & orange essential oils

(about the amount I used for each twist)

  • Price: $11.50 for 2oz. jar (4oz jar – $19.50). This price seems high but a little product goes a long way. I’ve used this to refresh BBH’ style more than a little bit and I still just about put a dent in it.
  • Smell: Love it.  Shea butter-vanilla-meets blossoms kinda scent.
  • Consistency:  A pomade, wax-like product that melts in your hand.
(Hair Love applied and distributed prior to twisting. ^^^ Look at the difference in length with the twists!!)

During this review I used Hair Love to refresh a rope twist style about week 2 after hairwashing day. I first dampened her hair with a mixture of our staple leave-in conditioner, castor oil and water mixed in a spray bottle.  After detangling, I then took a dab of the product, rubbed in to my hands, slid my hands down the each section and then brushed it in with a boar brush, then gotsa rope twistin’!! I could tell upon contact that her hair was thanking me.  Great slip with great shine.  Totally gave her hair a “twist revival” *does dance*.   There was just a tad bit of hold once dry. Check it:

BTW, this is a “cheater” style.  I was too tired to style the front when I initially washed it so I sectioned it off into 3 larger ponies.  I decided it was cute and kept it moving.  Her hair was in this style for a good 2 weeks.  To prevent breakage, I loosened the front bands at night time.  Anywho.  The Hair Love was lovin’ on her hair!  So much so, I was motivated to finally put more twists in the front (sorry no fresh pics on the style change). After a few days, we had this glorious twist out that got us through the next hairwashing day (more details coming forthwith):

  (Excuse the dramatic play, lots of dress up in joint. LOL!)


Big Ups: Love the Hair Love!   A little goes a very long way (which is key for all this BIG HAIR ovah here).  I’ve been using this for about a month now for edges and refreshing and my 2oz jar is still looking good (see above pic of product). It leaves hair incredibly soft, shinny and healthy looking.  BIG plus for slight hold which makes smoothing a dream and her twist outs LOVELY!!! I really like the delightful like scent.  A+++ on customer service (we’ve hit a sweet spot on this lately).  Working with the company was supaeasy  and pleasant even though it was giveaway (shoutout to Althea!).  Please check out Q & A regarding the product that will help you discern if the product is for your BBH (or you – heck, I’ve used it!).  You will note that the product has suggested use for straight, wavy, curly and “afrokinky” hair, so even better if you have Baby Big Hairz with a variety of curls.   It can also be used as a pre-wash treatment and weekly conditioner, which is on our list to try while there is still plenty product left, JEAH!

Cons: Ehhhhh, I’m going to have to say none! But I must stress that this was not applied on freshly washed hair and was used to restyle her twists. Although, based upon the language of BBH’s hair, I believe it would do well on its own as a styling product.

We love the Hair Love!  Very excited to have won this product and even more excited to know it will be put to good use. EEK! Curly Canadians...

Go-Head Baby!

*Baby Big Hair won the above product from Curly Canadians with no incentive to offer a favorable review*

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