Just a quick share of a few BIG HAIR favs you can still pull off for your Sunday Style. 1st up, the Curly Fro. See  our post and Tutorial by Lisa Akbari (about 1/2 into the video):

2nd, the Defined Fro, as achieved with a defining curl gel as our product review here.  Also you’ll find Kinky Curly’s application video pretty helpful:

3rd, and for a little Baby Big Hairz, Coiling. See our coiling post here:

4th is one of our all time fave, the Frohawk with Chunky Buns, EEK!  see post here:

Our you can do BIG HAIR with a fun head band like this online find favorite:

Or one of our own favorite headband styles from previous BBH posts like the zigzag headband. Supacute and easy with BIG HAIR or twists:

Of course Powapuffs are always a hit:)

If your Baby Big Hair is in a protective style, try curling them for a fun texture.  This can be done with braids or twists as in our post here.

And as demonstrated in our BBH ‘Wavy Braids’ video below:

Lastly, in a pinch grab just BOW THAT FRO for something fabulous!!  EEK!  Have a blessed weekend!!

Go’Head Baby!!



[photo source: www.chloeandhalle.com]

OK, so…. no BIG HAIR here, BUT dag nab it if these gurlz can’t sang their tails OFF!! And I mean these are natural born riffers!! MmmMM! Love me some Chloe and Halle. I mean, who can’t love someone who shares your same name, LOL! For realz, what do I love about these girls?? They are strikingly beautiful young naturals doing what they love to do. And even though they are young ladies, something about them is still so fresh and supasweet:)

I love the locs. I love that they are sisters (cuz I love my sister:), and I love how they each have their own voice and are more than confident in them. Stage presence is ridonkulous. Come on folks. If these girls can give it to you on in a self-made YouTube video w/raw vocals?!?!?! OH ITS A WRAP, trust! Do not get it twisted. Our BBH is very much the performer and I can totally see her blossoming into her gifts in a similar fashion. Well, that’s if I let her grow up one day:) Anywho, gotsa share one of my all time faves. This is their cover on Beyonce’s ‘Love on Top’:

O_O!!! Chloe and Halle..