Yee-Yeah!  How’s it fro’in ya’ll?? OK, so one of our BBH parents posted about Curls Unleashed by Organic Root Stimulator on our FaceBook Wall wondering if I was familiar with it (shout out to Mommy Gretchen!).  Well, I was not and put it on my “to try” product junkie list.  I’m already a fan of the Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pak. Sure enough that  following weekend while taking a walk about in Walgreens (lawd I can never walk in, get what I need and be out,  HHhhhhhh..the devil) and there it was just begging for someone to take it home.  After much deliberation (cuz I had a budget to stick to), I decided on the Take Control™ Curl Defining Creme.  Alrighty then, let get to it shall we?   First a little something about this new line of natural haircare products (from the Curls Unleased web site):



Curls Unleashed™ is a full line of products to help prep, style and maintain your natural curls.  Made especially for naturalistas, our products do not contain sulfates, mineral oil or SD alcohol.  Curls Unleashed™ products and are made with natural ingredients like safflower oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter to help deliver the moisture and curl definition your natural curls crave but without the crunch or flakes.  Curls Unleashed™ is for every natural woman:  wavy; curly; kinky.


After reviewing the list of ingredients, I was pleased to see that the first listed were natural!!!  O_O! So did not expect that in Walgreens.  Whole Foods? Yeah, but not your local drugstore.  So bravo for that!  Check it:


  • Price: $14.99 for 16oz. tub.   Being that I’ve seen other sulfate, mineral free type products ranging $10-$15 for 2-8oz, this price is pretty good if its a good fit for your BBH’s hair.  AND a little goes a long way, which is KEY for us. I only needed about a dime size of product for each twist.  A little more for the thicker parts of her hair.
  • Smell: Pleasant scent, doesn’t scream “imma hair product!!”….
  • Consistency: Hmmm, I’d say a mix between gel and pudding.  For example, if you tap the tub on the table, the product wiggles like jello.  But as you can see, it’s opaque and creamy. Hope that helps….
BBH’s hair was previously washed and styled in a braided roots and twist style inspired by a post by Beads Braids and Beyond  I whipped up on hairwashing day earlier in the week (has to be one of my new faves!).  I decided to refresh the style (well be more intentional with it) with the Curls Unleashed Curl Defining cream.  The above pic is her hair hair detangled with the product.  Here is her hair worked thru with a modified Denman brush to define her curls.  Had her hair been fully saturated, the curls would have popped more.
And here, one of her twists loaded with product.  As you can see,  it goes in creamy but it dries beautifully!
Here is our final braided roots w/twists style with random parts:
I simply braided her hair for about an inch or so and then proceeded to do rope twist down thru the ends.  The braided roots kept her twists in place and the fuzzies down. Now back to the product.  What I ABOLUTELY LOVE about the product is the amazing twist out potential.  Check it.  Here is her twist out after a few hours of putting the twists in (I just had to  see for my self lawd…):
Noice right?!?  Here is her twist out from the product after a few days (left the braided roots in).
braided roots with twists
GLOREH!  Loves it. See that shine and definition?  THAT was our Curls Unleashed experience. I did not have to remoisturize her hair for at least 2 days.  I just coverend at night with a satin cap. Yes hon, if it were not so, I would have told you!!
Big Ups
Me likey.  It is a great styler with hold and moisture for days.  Plus with the thicker consistency, a little goes a long way. ++++++, TRUST!   My intention is to try this on clean hair and/or saturated hair.  Best part, its accessible.  It was right there in our local Walgreens so no special trip.  There is an entire line, so if the product proves to work well for you, or not so well, you can ease on down (ease on down!) the line and try the others.  I often find I’m more apt to try something if BBH’s hair already responds well to another product of the same line.
Even though her hair was not completely saturated, her curls did not “pop” as much as our other staple curl definers, BUT there was definition. I can appreciate the diversity of this product.  It is nice that it defines and provides moisture.
 Here are other recent reviews of the line:
My take?  Dont be scurt to try, LOL! Clearly it is not 100% natural (remember those scientific names??), but it is a sulfate and mineral free product which is high priority for us when looking for products.  If you give it try, let us know what you think!  Stay tuned as we shall see how the product works on full blown BIG HAIR!!
Go’Head Baby!
**This product was purchased and reviewed by Baby Big Hair with no incentive to offer a favorable review**
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