Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) In honor of Mother’s Day we are blasting off thru the end of this month! Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy PJ of LookzLikeMe (supacute handmade dolls) and her yummy little cutiepie guy, “NJ”.   Well we are in for treat with this little cutiepie guy and his frotastic BIG HAIR!!. OWEEE! I love me some boyz with BIG HAIR!! MMhhhmmm. Mommy PJ was gracious enough to “chat down” with us and give me the 411 on her little guy and that GORG big hair. Well come’on, let’s do this mannnn!

[BBH: …And its a wrap!!! Need I type anything after looking at this^^^?!?! SUPALUSH!!]

What is your hair washing routine?
We co-washing weekly and wash monthly with shampoo.

How do you keep NJ’s hair moisturized?
I spritz it ligthly with water once in the morning when I take it down. I moisturize daily at night when I plait it. [BBH: Uhm, that is so working, OK?!?!]

[BBH: Sooooo healthy!!]

BBH: How does NJ feel about his hair?
He is 2 1/2 years old so he doesn’t say much about it but he enjoys when I do his hair. He screams like the dickens when I wash it but he likes it when I comb and plait it. When I style it into a ponytail puff onto of his head, he likes to look in the mirror and pat it.:) [BBH: YES!! Love him!! Sweetiepie…]

BBH: Fave styling products these days
Carol’s Daughter childs shampoo and conditioner, Miss Jessie’s Buttercreme, Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding (only use when I want the curls to pop), big tooth comb and Denman brush. (With the Denman brush I took out every other row so that the bristles are spaced out. Tip I got from Naptural85.) [BBH: Yes, the modified Denman will set those curlz free!  Halelu!!]

[BBH: Mommy got the hook up, AINT NOBODY PLAYIN!!!]

BBH: What are your thoughts on cutting his hair?
We don’t have any plans to cut it any time soon. He looks adorable with big hair. [BBH: Amen! Say that! I’m tryna tell you!] I do think that when he is older he may want it cut. People often think he is a girl, if it continues, he may ask us to cut it. [BBH: Oh lawd!! NOOOO! Let’s pray for BIG HAIR ya’ll!!]

[BBH: Uhp! That face… SERIOUSLY?!?!]


BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general, styling and/or experiences.
Whatever the hair type, ALL HAIR IS GOOD HAIR! [BBH: Yes M’am!] We live during a time when there are so many great products and resources available. Learn your hair type, use the right products for it and have fun. [BBH:  See..Now that’s all a product junkie is tryna do,  that’s all *shrugs shoulders*]

[BHH: HHHhhhhhhhhh. Now this just ISN’T RIGHT! Sending me a pic like this *all frustrated cuz I can’t have those cheeks and BIG HAIR*]

Thank you Mommy PJ and NJ for participating. Mannnnnn, this lil one’s GOT ME!! He is so supasweet and his lil’BIG HAIR is ridonkulous!! I seriously want to touch his hair and how ’bout I already know better!! But still..LOL! You know, there just aren’t enough yummy little boys with BIG HAIR! Why lawd? WHY!!  HHhhhhh.  I digress. Pleeeeease be sure to check out Mommy PJ’s blog LookzLikeMe, where her motto is “I am wonderfully made.” OHGAAA! The dollies are WAY too cute, each with its own personality and some with BIG HAIR!! Get a load of these (just a few):

EEEEEEEK! “Wonderfully Made” is right! Mommy even makes personalized shirts. How she does it with all that BIG HAIR time to spare, I do not know.  But I tell you what, Mommy PJ and lil’ NJ…



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