Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Nia and her fabrocious daughter Wynter.  I mean she is WIN.NING!  Ain’t she bad ya’ll?!?!  Looking all pretty but straight business. Well I had a chance to “chat” down with Mommy Nia to get all the info this little flower  power and her gorgeous BIG HAIR!  Lets get it to, shall we?

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
Sunday mornings I put a concoction of a deep conditioner with honey mixed with olive and coconut oils on Wynters dry hair. [BBH:  Can we say scrumptious?!?!] I leave on under a conditioning cap until late afternoon. Co-wash every sunday and detangle while conditioner is in her hair. I use a ACV rinse if I see product build up. I shampoo once a month. Put some leave in conditioner and twist while damp and let air dry. [BBH:  Yup! Wash n’twist is our go-to protective style every time!!  You sure have it down!!]

[BBH:  Well look at you just going places!!]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Wynter’s hair and how do you over come them?
I’ve tried some kiddie products for her and noticed her hair responds well with products that I use for myself. [BBH:  Uhm, yeahhhh.  BIG HAIR requires grown folk products, LOL!] She has a mix of 4a and 4c hair. Deep conditioning and cowash is a must due to the coarseness that comes when it’s not moisturized good. Once it’s moisturized good we have excellent hair days 🙂  [BBH:  Go’Head Mommy Curl Whisperer!]

BBH: How do you entertain Wynter when styling her hair?
Wynter entertains herself lol. [BBH:  NOICE!] She loves to get her hair done. She will have her 3Dsi charged and ready. She likes to pay attention to what I’m doing and like to remind me to massage her scalp with JBCO (that’s what she loves the most). She helps a lot to with styling her hair. She’ll tell me how she wants it for the week or for that particular day and I’ll do it.  [BBH:  *queues DeBarge* OOooooOOO and I LIKE IT!  Now that’s growing up a BBH!  Sweet girl…]

[BBH:  Will you just look at that face?!?!]

BBH: What are your fav products these days?
I’m not in to costly products at all. I am very budget friendly the most expensive product I have bought is the Miss Jessies Stretch Silkening Creme for her twist and I got it buy 1 get one free. [BBH:  Halelu!!!]  I just newly found something that I love….Herbal Essence Hello Hydration moisturizing conditioner! It is one of our favorite products for both of us. I use about 1 part conditioner and 4 parts water with coconut oil and jojoba oil in a spray bottle for detangling her hair when dry and to refresh her big hair if she wears it out for auditions or photoshoots. It’s used for her cowashes and conditioning for detangling after shampooing once a month. I try to keep a lot of it in the house since we both use it. [BBH:  And how’bout the prrrrice sounds niiiiiiice (check one)!! OK?!?  EEEK! I am totally feelin’ that there concoction!!]


[BBH:  OWEE she is COLD!  Get it Wynter!!]

BBH: How does Wynter feel about her hair??
She loves it, she often says “I want my hair to be sooooooo big, so I can’t wear a hat” lol. [BBH:  I LIKE this child…] When I decided to start her hair journey some family members and friends didn’t understand it and actually laughed about the twistouts, saying it looks like it needs to be combed or pressed. She never felt bad about it because she’ll tell them “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” and I love every minute of it. Now that they see her progress due to frequent pictures that I take, they ask me for advice on what to use. Go figure 🙂  [BBH:  *channels Jill Scott* You Cannot Haaaate On Me, Cuz my BIG HAIR is Free, Feel my Deeeeestiny, So Shall it Be!!  HHhhhhhh…. THEY AINT READY!!]

[BBH: Uhp! *Goes OFF*]

Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles.
If she goes the Big Hair route [BBH: As one should..] for the day I try to remember to have my trusty spray bottle with my mixture for reviving. Her favorite quick style is 5 to 6 braids on the front right side and flat twist outs on the other side. Doing the flat twist is so easy to put in. [BBH:  YESSSS! That’s what helped me to learn how to cornrow!! But I still love me some good’ol flat twists…]  She goes to school with it if she has a audition after school. Then when I pick her up to go, I take it out on train on our way to the audition or shoot. Too easy! [BBH: And SUPACUTE!!]

 BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general or experiences?
I started being serious with her hair April of 2011. I would put tight ponytails that was pulling her hair and braids in her hair without moisturizing her hair often. Washing was something I probably did every other week not every week. Grease with petroleum and mineral oil on her scalp and harsh shampoos is what I used without a thought of conditioning or deep conditioning ever. I grew up hearing dirty hair makes your hair grow 0_o. Sites like Baby Big Hair and Natural Hair Care info inspired me to do her hair the right way. So thanks so much Chloe for all your insight. You have been a big help since then 🙂 [BBH:  Awwww, get outta here *feeling all bashful :”’)*] I braid/twist her up for school making sure I moisturize her ends, tuck them away and massage her scalp every other day with castor oil. Then start over again on Sundays. Healthy hair first the Big Hair will follow!   [BBH:  Let all the BBH”s say AMEN!!  That is AWESOME MOMMY! Check out the above pic.  Mommy Nia shares “The comparison pic… First pic taken in Jan of 2011 and the other pic was taken Nov 2011. I started her hair journey in April. So that’s a 7 month hair journey result.”  Well somebody turn to your neighbor and say – IT’S WORKIN’ MAMA!!!]

[BBH: ^^^?!?! It’s a dag’on WRAP!!  Ugh!!  GIMME DAT BABY!! Loving her!!]

Thank you Mommy Nia and Wynter for participating!!  Lawd this child ain’t playin is she?  Lovin’ her confidence.  Trust, this baby is going places, ok? And I know Mommy is right behind her like WHA-T?!?!!  Kudos on a hair regimen that is effective and budget friendly lawd, especially when BIG HAIR is involved.  Oh He just may get the glory on that there Herbel Essence concoction.  MMhhmm, fro’sho!  Mommy Nia and Wynter…

Go’Head Baby!

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