Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) We’ve been blasting off like crazah for mother’s day this month. Ya’ll tired of me yet?!?  Up next to the BBH stage and ending this delightful trip down blasting lane is Mommy KeaShay of Lil Lady and Me (featuring handmade tutus and accessiories) and her lil’man man, “Lil D”.  And I mean prepare yourself to feel utterly ridiculous for pining over a 3 yr old’s mane.  ^^^?!?!? Ok, seriously?!?  Seriously.  OHGAA! This is by far the most hair I’ve seen on a boy, and maybe even on a 3 year old in general, even when stretched!! Heck on a mannequin! Well, we were happy to “chat” down with Mommy KeaShay and get the goods on Lil D and all his BIG HAIR. might.  Let’s get to it shall we?

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
Lil D gets his hair washed about once every 2 wks. I know that sounds like a long time [BBH: *shrugs shoulders* nope we’re 2-3 weeks here…], but for a 3 year old boy with hair down his back I keep him braided a lot in styles that last me about 1.5 – 2wks. He gets washed with Organix and DevaCurl One Condition (alternating). Sometimes we leave a lil of the DevaCurl One Condition in for moisture, we also use DevaCurl Heaven in Hair as a ‘treatment’ with a cap on and he air dries. He gets styled the next day, never the same day as a wash to let his hair completely dry. [BBH:  Hhhmmmm, DevaCurl you say……]

[BBH: UGH!  I could SMOOSH THOSE CHEEKS!! And the hair?!?]

BBH: How do you keep Lil D’s hair moisturized?
Aside from DevaCurl One, I use DevaCurl Set It Free as a re-moisturizer. Once his hair has dried, if it needs a lil boost, we use a lil water and Set It Free together. [BBH:  Free Free, set it Free!]

[BBH:  Seriously Mommy? *turning green*]

BBH: How does Lil D feel about his hair?
Lil D’s hair is his security.  [BBH:  Now that’s a BIIIIIIG wubby!! Does it keep him warm at night? ] When he is not sure of his surroundings (new store, crowds) he twirls his braids or sticks his thumb through 1 (so much for my style) he also plays with it when he gets sleepy. He loves to get his hair done and show it off after it’s done. He is NOT ashamed to ask you to pick him up so he can see in the mirror!  [BBH:  I ain’t mad… Shoooo I wanna see!!] 

[BBH:  HA HA!  Look at that FACE!! Smh…  lil’cutie:) ]

BBH: Fave styling products these days ?
These days we are loving the DevaCurl line. [BBH:  I see]  Lil D’s curl pattern was suspect for a while, lil more wavy then curls… I started using Deva on my own curls and tried it on him and his curls are redefined and in full effect.  [BBH:  *Channels Full Force * BIG HAIR get busy one time!] 

BBH: What are your thoughts on cutting his hair?
When I feel like he is old enough to know how he feels about being a boy with hair I will allow him to make that decision. Until then, the hair is here 🙂 [BBH: *queues Dream Team*  Oh Yessssss, it’s here….. BIG HAIR is here…Oh Yessssss, it’s here, BIG HAIR is here!] Recently his friends at daycare got haircuts, so he came home saying he wanted to get his haircut  :-/  That moment has passed. [BBH: Halelu!!]   

BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general, styling and/or experiences.
I have 3 kids with all different hair. I have learned that you cannot treat any 2 heads alike. They all have their own products and routines that are suitable for their individual needs. There is no manual or specific right or wrong for this, learning along the way and experience has become my best teacher. [BBH: Amen!!  Let allll BIG  HAIR artisans say amen!!  Will there be one??  Won’t you come??]  

[BBH:  Come here lil’man man…. LAWD please GIMME DAT BABY!!]

Thanks Mommy KeaShay and Lil D for participating!!!   Hhhhhhh.  All that hair on that sweet babyface?!? It’s a DREAM!!! Please take a moment to review the above pics again…. uhuh,  yeah…..I KNOW!?! *goes off*  Lil’cutiepie guy!  I mean, this child should be inducted into the Baby Big Hair Hall of Fame (Hhmmmmm *note to self to create one)!  OOWEEE, now lets not all crash DevaCurls webpage at one time lawd.  I officially put that brand on “product junkie” watch, LOL!  Alright now, please check out Lil Lady and Me for supacute tutus and accessories.  TRUST, you want some in your life for your BBH girl. MMhhmmmm…. If it were not so, I would not have told you:

See ^^^?!??!!?  Told you.  Now hit up the Lil Lady and Me FB Page and getsa’likin!!  Tell her Baby Big Hair sent you!   EEEK!  I heart it, but can’t stand it all at the same time! Mommy KeaShay, Lil D….

Go’Head Baby!

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