GAAAAAA!   Stephanie of Pocketful of Rosies sent us this AMAZING headband to review.  I was ecstatic!!  I absolutely ADORE the modern-meets-vintage appeal of all her pieces (hair accessories and jewelry that will make you swoon…).   I couldn’t wait to plop that purdy lil’ thang in BBH’s hair!!  SUPACUTE!!  But first,  a lil’something about Mommy Stephanie and Pocketful of Rosies (from the POR website):

My name is Stephenie Jordan and I am the owner of Pocketful of Rosies. I am a wife and a stay at home mommy of two! I love utilizing my crafting abilities to bring joy to others and this business is such a blessing.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing products for birthday party favors, bridal parties, brides, prom, or any other exciting event! I will do custom orders upon request…

Isn’t that just awesome!?!  Love to see Mommy’s doing their thang.  Well, let’s get to this here review, shall we??

Juniper Headband

I just LOVE the filigree detail underneath.  So purdyl….

Price: $8.95. Range for headbands via website is $7.95 – $14.95, and possibly more for customized pieces.
Durability: Very good. Made of resin and metal. I’d say that’s pretty strong….definately easy to wipe!
Handling/Versatility: Great!  What I like most is the ability to conform the headband for a snug, yet comfortable fit. #stayputfabulousness

Oweee!  Did I say this was SUPACUTE!!  BBH loved this!!  She kept asking people to look at her “floooower” 🙂  So of course we were off to do a quick froto shoot (using Kinky-Curly products) in her ever so appropriate flower dress by Carters (currently on sale for $10 here, OK?!?!?).  Check it!!

And of course from our Memorial Day post…. EEEK!  Double check it:

OO LA LA LA!  I love how thin the headband is so that the flower just POPS right out of her BIG HAIR!   Most of all. NO TANGLES!!  You know how that is….  Yes Hon!!  This headband is officially BBH approved!!  I’m not EVEN gonna lie, I want to jam this in some play-doh for beautimus flower appeal so BAD (LOL!  Yes ME, not BBH, smh…)!! But at last, I shan’t.  HHHHHhhhhhhhh.  Anywho, you can find this headband and other little lovelies at Pocketful of Rosies or click on over to the Pocketful of Posies FB Page (getsa likin) for what’s hot right now, JEAH!  Pocketful of Rosies…

Go’Head Baby!

*This post is my honest and unbiased opinion. The subject product was provided to Baby Big Hair with no incentive to offer a favorable review.*

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