So a week or so ago I was able to take BBH to the park for another hair drying adventure after mommy’s hair washing regimen. And what else would you expect an amateur film-making daddy to do? I pulled out the iPhone so I can take some photos!

Then I had a great idea. What if we made a trailer for a fictional summer movie!!! Well, let’s just say we let our imaginations run wild out there in the hot, hot sun (while she let her “soul glow”). And what we came up with is a hilarious trailer for a summer movie coming to a theater near you… some day.

Ladies and gentlemen, in honor of our Facebook page reaching 2000 followers, I give you “The Adventures of Simone Jones: Case of the Bubble Park.”

**Also, be sure to check back with us next week for an upcoming Fro-tastic giveaway!!

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