That’s right, we’re gearing up to celebrate the men that shine in our Baby Big Hair’s lives!  Send in a pic of your BBH with his/her dad and we’ll post them from Father’s Day on thru the end of the month of June!!  Get them in by 12:00 Noon EST, Saturday, June 16th for a chance to be a part of our special BBH’s “BIG LOVE for Daddy” post:)  Check it…

BBH’s “BIG LOVE For Daddy” Feature Submission Instructions (accepting frotos now thru 12:00 Noon EST, Saturday, June 16th):

  • Select that special pic with Daddy and your BBH(s).
  • Email it to with subject header “BIG Love for Daddy” and INCLUDE DADDY’s NAME for a special shout out.

Any pics emailed after 12:00 Noon EST, Saturday, June 16th will still have the opportunity to be posted during the month of June as a special “Daddy and Me” froto on our FB Page. Please be sure your pic is as clear as possible with minimal background distractions.  We wanna see those purdy babies and honor that Dad!

Go’Head Baby!

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