HAIRSPIRATION: Party Bun by Une Autre Naturelle

OO-to-the-WEE!! One of our fellow mommy bloggers, Une Autre Naturelle posted this style on the humble and IT.WAS.A.WRAP! OHGAAA! If this style right here doesn’t make you appreciate BIG HAIR and ALLLLLLL that it can do, nothing will.  This is classic, timeless, elegant and appropriate for all ages (ok so maybe not a bitty BBH, but you know what I’m sayin). Prom, dance recital, flower girl, Sunday style, you name it. Trust, this is a ‘do what it do’ do. Do you dig?!?  Golly,  I’m talkin’ the SLAM, Ma’am. Looking all swirly-whirly and delightful like with a side thickness^^^?!??! HHHHhhhhhh. Yyyyup. It’s a Pinnner.!! CLICK HERE for the awesome picture tutorial on that bad boy. While you’re there, click around.  Mommy Daphne is working with all kinda BIG HAIR up in that joint with purdy little BBH’s of her own. OOWEE! Une Autre Naturalle and that fabulous Party Bun…

Go’Head Baby!


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