Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:)  Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Tamica and her sweet, sweet baby Rylee… O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OHGAAAAAAA!  So we family right?  Right, so I can tell you that I lost it and hunted Mommy Tamica down on FB and didn’t care if she thought I was crazy cuz she was gonna  have to GIMME DAT BABY so I could BLAST HER!?!?!?! Hhhhhhhhhhh Yes, this baby GOT’MEH and I do have time for dat *in my Sweet Brown voice*!   Whew!  Well, (after I calmed myself, lol!)  we had the opportunity to chat down with Mommy Tamica and get the low down on that BEAUTIFUL babygirl and that GORGEOUS, RIDONKULOUS head of BIG HAIR!  Oh my. LET’S DO THIS!!!

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
Rylee gets her hair washed about every two weeks.  Because she’s still very young, I sing all sorts of fun bath time songs and play little games during shampoos such as: “Here Comes the Water Fall” and  “This is the Way We Wash Our Hair”!  [BBH:  *interjects and sways* DONT GO CHASIN’ WATERFALLS, PLEASE STICK TO THE RIVERS AND THE LAKES THAT UR UUUUUUSED TO… sawry Mommy, I had a moment:/] When I make it fun for her, she looks forward to doing it again the next time.  I use a shampoo and conditioner cocktail that I create from mixing different products.  She has very thick curly hair so I do as much as I can to prevent tangling during washes.  The next step is a conditioning comb through to loosen the curls; Rylee’s hair is very manageable when conditioned very well.  After a walk under our little “bathtub waterfall” (aka a thorough rinse), we take her out, put on her favorite bedtime show, part her hair into sections to oil and twist or braid for the evening.  The next morning is when I usually style her hair after it is completely dry!  [BBH:  What a dreammmmm!!!] Rylee sometimes rock her twists or her Big Ol’ curly locks!!  We do what we feel!!!!  [BBH:  Sometimes you feel like BIG HAIR! Sometimes you don’t:/]

[BBH: Lawd hold ma’mule!!! OWEE that BABY!]

 BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Rylee’s hair and how do you over come them?
Rylee is still very young and her hair is very thick!  These are usually my two challenges.  She is only 19 months and is at an age where she really does not like to sit still for a very long time.  Because she was blessed with this amazing head of hair [BBH:  AMEN!], mommy has to do whatever it takes to keep her occupied.  I overcome these challenges by styling her hair when she is napping or by popping in her favorite movie. I usually part her hair in sections and style it section by section.  I always keep a detangling hairspray on hand and I thoroughly comb through each section.  This makes her hair easier to manage and she is less likely to become flustered from all of the tugging. [BBH: Strange’ *clap clap clap* Give it up for Strange’ Ya’!!  *ode to Boomerang* That is AWESOME Mommy!  Train UP a BBH why don’t you?!?!?]

BBH: How do you entertain Rylee when styling her hair?
It can sometimes take an hour or more to complete the job. [BBH:  Well that’s what I KNOW!!] If I am styling her while she is awake, I usually put on her favorite movie (“Tangled” how ironic is that? [BBH:  Ooo Mommy you must see this!!!]) and there is usually a juice box and her favorite snack on deck.  We sometimes have to take kiss and hug breaks when she gets a little restless but usually, she is very content watching her movie. [BBH: Uhm,  is a break required for that O_o?  BREAAAAAAK!! Now.Give.Her.To.Me. LOL!!!]  Bath time toys usually do the trick when she is in the tub.

[BBH:  Where you going lil’ baby?? Come here..into Auntie’s PURSSSE…*runs off*  I jus’playin Mommy, I jus playin:)]

BBH: What are your fave products these days?
Oh! I use a little this or a little that!J  [BBH: I think you’ll get with this, Cuz BIG HAIR’s where it’s at! Oh I’m on a roll, smh… ] Believe it or not, I still use Johnson and Johnson Detangling Shampoo and Conditioner [BBH:  WHOL’UP!  That BIG HAIR?  For real?]  and follow up with Miss Jessie’s (MJ) Crème De La Crème Conditioner. I sometimes use MJ “Baby Butter Cream” or a little Soft and Precious Detangler and Moisturizer when I twist it and that’s about it!  I’m always looking for products to use in Rylee’s hair but what I use right now works really well.  Her hair is healthy, shiny and super curly! [BBH:  Well, if it aint broke…

[BBH:  Why is her hair so dag’on  LUSH?!?!]

How does Rylee feel about her hair??
Rylee loves her hair especially when she has it all out!  She goes over to the mirror and says, “Pretty Mommy Pretty” [BBH:  That’s it. I’m coming for her!!!!] or she will shake her little twisted styles until she makes herself dizzy.  She can be very silly. Everyone tells her how beautiful she is. We have to build esteem in our little curly haired girls so they feel comfortable with their natural gifts that God has blessed each of them with.  [BBH:  UHP!  You bedda preach in this piece Mommy Tamica *goes OFF*!]

[BBH:  Flex that BIG HAIR hon!  OWEE! Aint nobody playin!]

Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fave “quick” styles.
Moisturizing her hair, is very important and a good detangler goes a long way.  When it’s properly moisturized, it looks great and it feels great.  I never let her go to bed with it out.  I always braid or twist it at night. I only do about five or six fat twists or braids so it is easier to manage the next day. I moisturize and style Rylee’s hair every day otherwise, it will be out of control.  [BBH: No one knows better than mommy!

 Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general or hair experiences w/Rylee?
 I’m sure she gets a lot of attention!!
As a child, I had the same type of hair as Rylee but I never had to deal with it.  My mom is an old school southern lady (mama Patsy) [BHH:  Hi Mama Patsy *waves*] who believed in following the same rituals I have listed above.  Although, the products have changed, the routines remain the same.  Thank God, for my mom and grandma. [BBH:  Awhhhhhh:)  Nothing like a mother’s love and influence ((hugs))]   I believe God pairs us perfectly with our little angels.  She is still very young so I realize there is much more to come. I love, love, love my little curly haired sweetie pie and I will take as much time as necessary to keep up with her thick curly hair.  She gets tons of attention and I love the way she looks and feels when she rocks her fabulous Afro…


 [BBH:  HHhhhhhhhhh  GET IN MY POCKET!! *goes completely off*]

Thank  you Mommy Tamica and lil’Rylee for participating!!  **ATTENTION ALL EXPECTANT MOMMIES** Please name your baby’s Rylee or Riley (heck any variation) to maximize Baby Big Hair potential.  Thank you ~BBH**  OHGAAAAAA!  This is the 2nd “ryls” we’ve featured with glorious BIG HAIR.   What.Is.THAT?!?!    HHhhhhhh.  This baby right here^^^?!?! should be on shelves somewhere or under your tree, oh please believe it.   Her features are KILLEN’EM!  Yes, I just said that about a baby, and if it were not so, I would have told you!! Love how Mommy embraces the gift of BIG HAIR and makes hair time fun for that baby, cuz she already knows….  Shout out to Mama Patsy for paving the way.  EEEK!! So happy to have found this gem to share with our readers. Mommy Tamica and lil’Rylee…

Go’Head Baby!!





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