Baby Big Hair wants to wish all the Daddy’s out there and father-like figures  a wonderful and honorable Happy Father’s Day!  BBH loves her some Daddy, TRUST!  And it warms my heart to see them together…. Just want to shout out Daddy BBH right here real quick for holding down Daddy’s Corner on this site, being the resident photographer, videographer, design guru, handler of techy stuff that is so not my lane, and occasional spellchecker:)  I am honored to have given you such a beautiful gift in our little girl and delight in seeing your special bond grow each day.  Thanks for all you do for us!!!!   THAT’S MY MAN YA’LL!!!!

We know there are many other Daddy BBH’s out there that deserve their due and we ’bout to do just that!   Ladies and gentlemen,  we are proud to salute our Baby Big Hair Daddy’s in this special video presentation.  Please post and share wherever you can and join us in celebrating fatherhood at its greatest! Many thanks to those who responded to our “Daddy and Me Froto” call.  EEEK! Check it:

Note we are still accepting “Daddy and Me” Frotos thru the end of the month in honor of Father’s Day, so get them in to, with the Father’s name and  your special shout out, JEAH!

Go’Head Daddy!

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