^^^?!?!  This post will be REAL QUICK. TRUST.   HHHhhhhhhhhh.  I don’t know how Mommy Rory of Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care does it, but dag’on it, she just always manages to take things to a whole.Notha.LEVEL!  OHGAAAA!  What in da wurl?  COME ON HON!  For real?  Like, for real?   All I know it’s something about parts towards the nose, needle and thread, and BAM!  Its Hellooooooo Kitty.  As for me, it would have been more like Helloooooooo Stray “K” for Kat (as in, that is wack!!), LOL!  Just playin’.  Rory has this excellent instructional tutorial that really makes it all click.  But still, I just may sit on the sidelines on this one, smh.  Oh Yes. ITS.A.WRAP.FOLKS! Please believe it. Meeeeooooooow

Go’Head Kitty:)

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