Bonjourno! Ya’ll alright??  Whelp, BBH has a recital coming up and costume/group pics  (and school pics, belive it or not!!).  I ultimately went with 2 different hairstyles based upon 2 hairspirations. Lets take a closer look shall we??

STYLE I – Fancy Bun by Princess Hairstyles

SUPACUTE right??  This is one of my all time fave hairspirations.   I was pumped to give it a try and to celebrate such ambition, I decided for the 1st time ever the night before to do a “sock bun” (WHY do I do this to myself?).  So I watched a few youtube vids and came up with this chunky bad boy:

Next AM, I intended to do a veil style like the hairspiration in the front, but using just 3 sections. However, before I knew it, I was parting alllllll around  (again, WHY???).  Once  all parted, I worked her hair around the sock bun. PROBLEM. Though I thought I made that sucka big, BBH’s hair was not EVEN tryna tuck underneath the sock bun. Like “no room in the inn”, especially in the back, smh….   BUT,  I was able to smooth it down perfectly in the front which was fine by me to get those pics done right.

So next I took each parted section of her halo (I can see it!), tied them into ponies, and made 2 individual twists for interlocking the veil.  By this time I am SWEAT.TING, cuz tryna work that BIG HAIR over that bun came for me so dang on BAD, yeesh! I was cutting it SUPACLOSE on time for the pictures.  So apologies for lack of tutorial pics and pics in general.  I digress to the original tutorial of the Fancy Bun hairspiration style.  Anywho, a  little loopty-loop and pinny pin pin and voila!  Someone is ready for pics!!

The Fonz?!?! This girl is jokez!  Ya’ll dont hear me!! SMH…

Parting thoughts on this style?  Ehh, for starters the bun could have been more towards the crown of her head vs. the top.  Just looks like I stuck a big’ol, I dunno…”something”  on the top of her head, who does that?!?!?  AND I should have pulled the veil twists into the pony before working her BIG HAIR around the sock bun rather then wrapping the twists around the bun later (uh – kinda like the hairspiration tutorial maybe?!?).   You really can’t tell the difference with the hair tie, but if I give this style a try again, I’ll stick with the tutorial, TRUST.  Also,  I think I made the  halo parts too deep/wide?  My two cents anyways.  After all that, she was absolutely adorable in this style (ok so I’m biased)!  She called it “princess hair” *heart warms*.  I do like how it was unique yet understated and  not your typical ballet bun.  It certainly was a hit among the dance company moms:)  Imma try this again in the future and put weight on it.  Please believe it!

STYLE II.  Two Strand Twists with Braided Roots in a High Bun from Beads, Braids, and Beyond (BBB):

I am so feeling this combo for a protective style.  This is the second time we’ve done this (see our 1st try here).   For the recital, I wanted them a little smaller.    See BBB’s original post here with great picture tutorial.  Lil’A’s hair is much, much longer than BBH’s,  so her bun was nice and CHUNKEH.  This style was far less complicated than the fancy bun style.  You simply braid the base to the desired point and then separate the 3rd strand into 2, gather with your other two twist strands and twist.  I love how it cuts puffiness down at the base that you would otherwise get when styling medium to large twists styles.  This was another winning look, check it:

*Disclaimer*  Mommy Moment – isnt my baby beautiful??  So proud of my girl:)

^^^Look at those Michelle Obama arms, LOL!!

Parting thoughts on this style?  LOVED IT.   Because her hair is shorter, I couldn’t achieve that perfect swirly twisted bun look like Beads, Braids and Beyond, but I still LOVE!!  Plus, its protective so Mommy had a little, well needed BIG HAIR break.  There you have it.  HHhhhhh. If only I could’ve tried Une Autre Naturelle’s Party Bun… Anywho, so tell me, which ballerina style wins in your book?!?!?

Go’Head Baby!



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