Well if you don’t knoooooow, now you know!!!  Independence Day (July 4th) is coming up, which is also… NATIONAL AFRO DAAAAAAAAAY (DAY, Day, day…)

OWEEEEEE! What a day for your Baby Big Hair to shine lawd (Oh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiine)! And what better way shine than to join in Baby Big Hair’s 2012 “Frotective” Challenge. That’s right. Why stop on the 4th ya’ll?!? We’re going for four, fabulous, FROTASTIC days of BIG HAIR from Wednesday July 4th thru Saturday, July 7th. Just in time to slide back into a protective style if you want:) MMhhmmm. Bring on that BIG HAIR, puff style, twist out, braid out, frohawk, wash’n go etc. Heck, getsa shinglin’ baby! It’s our first challenge ever and Baby Big Hair wants YOUR BBH! Won’t you join us? Won’t one come? First, let’s let our lovable BIG HAIR friend Courageous Curl Girl™ break this on down for us, shall we?

Baby Big Hair’s 2012 “Frotective” Challenge

WHEN: Begins on National Afro Day (Wednesday, July 4th) and ends Saturday, July 7th.

WHERE: **UPDATE** FB FROTECTIVE CHALLENGE GROUP CLOSED FOR CONTEST. CHECK BACK FOR VOTING DETAILS** Join the the BBH Frotective Challenge Group on Facebook (FB) between now and June 30th and create your “Challenge” album with an initial member entry froto of your BBH (or can be any “styled” photo), and brief description of the following (instructions are posted in the Challenge Group under “Files“:

  • Child name or nickname
  • Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s)
  • Anticipated frotective techiniques (i.e “pineapple method”, covering at night, remoisturizing frequency, etc.)
  • Frotastic products you will be using

The Frotective Challenge FB Group will close Saturday, June 30th at midnight EST, and no further entries will be accepted for administrative purposes. Come the 4th/National Afro Day, all members can upload their  Froto Entry for each day of the challenge.  We’ll provide a fun “Daily Entry Froto Card”  to use for your daily entry frotos (recommended, but not required). It will be fun for your BBH, promise:)

HOW:  Rock BIG HAIR for dayz!! Well, four days:) Defined fros, curly fros, “puff” styles, frohawks, wash’n go’s, twist outs, braid outs, out-outs, LOL!! You name it. We just want to see fabulous Baby Big Hairz all day every day until we shut it down, WHEW!! After you’ve entered the contest via your album and entry froto/photo as notedd above, upload 1 froto on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th will a little description of that day’s big hair maintenance  To get you marinating, we’ll be posting some great info with tutorials for BIG HAIR hairspirations up until the challenge.

WHY:  Cuz we like BIG HAIR on da’babies. Yup yup. You should already KNOW THIS MANNNN! Plus, we want to encourage parents and BBH’s to embrace and celebrate the beauty of kids natural BIG HAIR everywhere!  But, we must use great care and “frotect” that sweet BIG HAIR, so 1st and foremost, break out your satin/silk caps and scarves!! #NOCOTTON  It is not the fabric of your BBH’s life, trust:/

THE PRIZE:  The winner will be chosen via public voting which will open July 9th – 14th, and will receive (drum roll…) an official Baby Big Hair Tee Shiiiiiiiiiirt *channels Oprah*

JEAH BOYEEE!  Let your BBH be among the first to rock one with BIG HAIR pride! Store opening soon… WE SO EXCITED!! More specific challenge details will be posted in the Frotective Challenge FB Group as we get closer. EEK! Hope you can join us:) Until then…

Go’Head Baby!

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