WOOT WOOT!  Just 2 days away from our Frotective Challenge and were going strong with 30+ BBH’s oweee!!  Many thanks to mommies who entered the contest (deadline was 6/30 to enter)!  Well, last week we gave ya’ll some BIG HAIRspiration with our Defined Fros and Wash-n-Go’s post featuring info and tutorials from some of our favorite kids natural hair bloggers.  If those aren’t your cup of tea, how about an “out” style from braids, twists, knots or coils!?!  Check out these lovelies:


Pinwheel Bantu Knots (“outed”) by Une Autre Naturelle

Twist Out Mohawk by Precious Curls

Flat Twist Bantu Knot Out by Beads Braids and Beyond (Baby Big Hair’s take here):

Twist and Flex Out by yours truly:)

Coil Out, by yours truly:)

Roll Out/Curly Fro inspired by Lisa Akbari, by yours truly:)

There are also great video tutorials out there on achieving a glorious twist out here are a few:

How To Get Your Best Twist Out Ever “Natural Hair” by 

Flat Twist Out Tutorial by Journey  To My Roots:

And a must read: Techniques To Achieve a Perfect Twist Out by Curly Nikki.

YES HON!  We love it!!! Especially when that twist out swells into BIG HAIR:)  But what is a good twist out if you can’t preserve it lawd?!?  Of course you’ll need your trusty silk/satin cap for night night and “pinapple” that BIG HAIR to the top or crown of the head.  Here are a few posts on other ways to maintain and/or refresh that bad boy, so you can twist and shout (gloreh!) for dayz on thru this here Frotective Challenge:

How to Get a Braid Out to Last for Dayz by Untrained Hairmom

Maintaining Our Twist Out (Hair Love product review), by yours truly:)

Whelp, there you have it!   Hope you’ve been inspired to try something new! EEEK!  Can’t wait to see your BBH’s BIG HAIR on the 4th!

Go’Head Baby!!!


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