GET READY, GET READY, GET READY!!! WHEW!!! Independence Day is right around the corner and we are gearing up for a lovely day of Free BIG HAIR as well, National Afro Day!! We got some fierce mamas who have taken on our Frotective Challenge and we’re hoping you join us with your own BBH’s 4 day BIG HAIR journey!! We’ve given you frotastic ideas via our BIG HAIRSPIRATION posts on Defined Fros and Wash-n-Go’s and “Out” Styles Fro Yo Mind! OWEEE! We’d be remissed not to provide you with premium-quality-deluxe-like puff styles to marinate on for all curly types. Oh please believe it. LEZGO!


BB Banana Clip Play by Charlotte’s Avenue:

Natural Hair Puffs For a Week (summary) by Precious Curls:

Afro Puff (25 Minutes or Less) by Kany Land Kurls

Two Puffs and a Cornrow by Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care

Fro” Hawk by yours truly:)

Textured Faux Hawk by Beads Braids and Beyond

Beautiful Nubian Princess Braids by Braid with Me:

Twist/Twist Out Puffs with Sidewinders (product review) by yours truly:)

And of course you can find all kinda puff style tutorials on YouTube. Here is one of our fave puff styles that we have yet to try:

Afro Puff Tutorial with Banana Clips video by Journey to My Roots:

Whelp, hope that gives you some BIG HAIR marination!!! EEK! Dont forget to “fro” our wall tomorrow on National Afro Day!! can’t wait to see all that fabulous BIG HAIR!!

Go’Head Baby!

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