EEEK!  Its the last day of  our Frotective Challenge and these mamas are going strong to win that there Baby Big Hair Tee, FRO’SHO!!!   Wowzers!!  Well, by now  you’ve met 2/3’s of our frotestants in Meet the Frotestants Parts I and II.   Let’s break down the last leg of our frotastic BBH’s and their BIG HAIR artisan mommies (and sis) so ya’ll can see what we’re really workin’ with!  BAM!  Lezgo….



BIG HAIR Artisan: Mommy Megan of
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s): ‘Fro for the 4th, followed by twist-outs
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Two- or three-strand twists at night, lots of re-moisturizing
Frotastic products to be used:   Queen Helene Royal Curl Creme, Uncle Funky’s Daughter Supercurl Creme, maybe some Kinky-Curly Curling Custard, homemade concoctions

Mini Q

BIG HAIR Artisan:  Mommy ‘Qiana
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s): Maybe some puffs, never tried a wash-n-go so perhaps one of those, and possibly a braid-out. Not really sure; will roll with it as we go along.
Anticipated frotective techniques: Most definitely be moisturizing daily. If it’s in puffs, I’d moisturize the puffs and probably braid it and put her bonnet on. If it’s out in a wash-n-go or braid-out, I’d most likely moisturize, re-braid & put her bonnet on for the night.
Frotastic products to be used: Water, Bee Mine, Blended Cutie, Uncoiled Conditioner, and anything else I may be inspired to use. Also depends on the style. So I really don’t know yet for certain.


BIG HAIR Artisan: Mommy Jerica
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s): Mostly his wash and go curly fro, maybe a ponypuff fro
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Moisturizing every couple of days (mostly with water) and finger detangling
Frotastic products to be used:  Bee Mine Bee Lovely, Luscious, Evco, water and Curls baby moisturizer


BIG HAIR Artisan: Mommy Stacy
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s): Twist out, puff ponytail, and wash n go curls
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Re moisturizer daily to minimize frizz, pineapple and wrap at night (and nap times)
Frotastic products to be used:  Kinky Kurly products, As I Am co-wash (if needed) and Bee Mine curling butter as needed. Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier


BIG HAIR Artisan: Mommy Shirlen of A Mother’s Love
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s): Braid outs, twist out, and flat twist out
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Re braid or twist at night using a water
Frotastic products to be used:  Cantu Shea Butter Curl Cream, moisturizing spritz, and coconut oil


BIG HAIR Artisan: Mommy Christelle
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s):  Twists out or maybe braid out
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Tightly Curly method
Frotastic products to be used:  Homemade coconut mixture, Beautiful Textures products

Bunny B

BIG HAIR Artisan: Big Sis Dominique of
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s):  Twist out
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Covering with satin cap at night, braided with twisted ends and resmoisturizing daily
Frotastic products to be used:   Darcys Botanicals Daily Leave In & Darcys Botanicals Natural Coils Curling Jelly

YYEEEEEEAHHHHH BOOOOYEEEEEEE!  That’s what’s UP!  We’ve been gettin busy in the Frotective Challenge FB Group that is currently closed to the public (so not to disclose our most precious BIG HAIR secrets, LOL!).  But TRUST, the day of the Frotective Challenge Reveal is fast approaching us!! Come this Monday, July 9th, you can view all the results and vote for your favorite BBH!.  Stay tuned for more details and don’t forget to share your BBH frotos with us on the Baby Big Hair Facebook Page. Until then, CHALLOOOONGE and..

 Go’Head Baby!
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